Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at Sitio Daang Bakal, Antipolo City

Mountain hiking is one of my favorite pastimes. It is a hobby that keeps me active and healthy. I would walk for miles to enjoy the lush scenery, take nice photos, and rediscover nature. For me, Antipolo City is a good place for mountain hikes.

Antipolo City is an 1 hour and half drive away from Manila. It is quite accessible and not as far as compared to traveling other mountainous regions in Luzon. The city proper has gotten more urbanized through the years, but the barangays here still have that barrio feel. I go up there at times for rest and recreation. The cool mountain breeze soothes the body and mind from the daily stress of office life.

Traveling in the wilds can help you rediscover nature...

Here are some of my nature and travel photos I took along the way...

I took a photo of a makeshift wooden bridge across a stream.

Antipolo has an abundant natural water source springing from the mountain side.

I happened to take a photo of colorful dragonflies along the way...

Mushroom sprouts across a tree trunk.

Some preparation is needed in order to enjoy the hiking experience. One of them is bringing some food and water in case we go hungry or thirsty along the way. You'll never know when you will need it! That's specially true if you plan to wander around the unknown wilderness for hours.

Sometimes, you would have to climb steep slopes to move forward...

When it comes to food, it is best to bring something that is quite filling, and has easy-to-open packaging. Luckily, in one trip to my local supermarket, I was able to discover the new Century Bangus Fillet! I discovered two delicious flavors. Spanish Style and With Tausi.

I brought along Century Bangus Fillet for my hiking trip...

Century Bangus Fillet comes with an easy-to-open handle for convenience...

In my recent hiking trip to Antipolo, Rizal, I was able to pass by a small eatery by chance. At that time, I was so hungry, I decided to eat my 'baon' there.

Here is a video of my 'anytime, anywhere adventure'. If there are problems viewing the video, please click here... (Shown here is how I discovered getting to a local eatery via the scenic route...)

I met Mr. Jaime, Cui, a resident of that area, on that same eatery. We exchanged stories, and shared some of my Century Bangus Fillet with him. Interestingly, I found out he was cast as an extra for an old noontime soap opera, 'Valiente'. Also, I found out that some of the scenes of that soap opera were taken here for that Hacienda look.

Luckily, he was cast on the show when they needed extras shot on this location. He narrated how some of his other friends were not accepted as extras because they were not able to follow acting instructions well.

I am really thankful and glad he was game enough to be a cast on my video for this blog. It was a very simple video actually, but it was so much fun to do!

Mr. Cui agreed to be part my video for Century Bangus Fillet!

Century Bangus Fillet! It's the perfect food to share and meet new and interesting people!

After the delicious meal, and meeting up with an interesting person, eventually we would have to part ways. It was really fun getting to know and share a meal to someone you have never met before. You get to learn a lot of things and insights from them. For me, that was the real discovery.

Every journey has its end, so they say.
And we have to move on, be on our way.
After the long hike, and meeting someone new,
we all have to say our 'nice meeting you'.
This journey now ends, a new one begins each day
so make it worthwhile with Century Bangus Fillet!

P.S. I would like to thank the residents of
Sitio Daang Bakal for their hospitality, specially Mr. Jaime Cui and Ms. Samantha Berroya for their active role in the video.

Soundtrack of the video was borrowed from, (for royalty free soundtracks).

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tipid Squad Revelation and Contest

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