Thursday, December 10, 2009

Introducing PLDT myDSL Watchpad!

With the advancement of the information age, more and more people heavily rely on the internet. Be it for information, news, sports or entertainment, its features are limitless.

PLDT myDSL is one of the internet service providers (ISP) out here in the Philippines that we well know of. With PLDT myDSL, we are able to connect to the internet that is fast and reliable.

And now, PLDT myDSL offers a new application called Watchpad. With the aid of Watchpad, internet users can watch TV from the comfort of their PCs or laptops.

If you have PLDT myDSL, here are the advantages of having Watchpad installed on your PCs...

1) You can watch cable and local channels! With myShows, some of the hottest channels like CNN, National Geographic Channel, Cartoon Network, MTV anf GMA7 are available here!

2) Play online games! With myArcade, you can get to play online games from Level Up!

3) Watch movies! With myFlicks, you may be able to watch movies like the one from Cannes Film Festival best director awardee, Brilliante Mendoza - "Kinatay". More movies from award winning directors are coming soon.

4) Know Everything Else! With myVIEW, you can get the latest fashion tips, celebrity news, the latest gossip, campus events and more! You can also listen to the top FM radio programs live from the radio stations to your PC.

5) Chat and blog without leaving Watchpad. You do not have to close the Watchpad application to blog or chat on Multiply, Facebook and Twitter.

What is the most exciting thing about Watchpad and why do you think everyone should have Watchpad on their PCs?

The most exciting thing about Watchpad is also the best reason for us kuripot people to use it. All the features supported here are ABLSOLUTELY FREE! If you have PLDT MyDSL as your internet service provider, you should try out Watchpad. Again, the use of watchpad is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Before I end this, may I present you with a short video entitled "Antenna", hope you enjoy the show!

If there are problems viewing this video, please click here...

I would also like to cite another advantage of Watchpad. With fast pace internet connection, we may no longer need the traditional antenna to watch our TV. Watching live TV through internet will be as common as the TV itself.

Antennas have their limitations. Signal strength received by your TV depends on the distance between the transmitter (TV station) and your home, and the antenna's orientation (where it's pointing at). Also other factors can affect signal strength, like geographic obstructions (buildings, mountains) and weather conditions. With myDSL's Watchpad, you can get around these limitations.

PLDT myDSL's Watchpad will be the 'airwave' of the future...


P.S. In order to use Watchpad on your PC, you must have these installed to your machines...

•.NET Framework 2.0 and above
• Latest Adobe Flash player
• Windows Media Player 9 or higher
• IE 6.0 or higher

You will also have to download the Watchpad application and you must be a subscriber of PLDT myDSL to avail this feature.

Take note that all of these can also be downloaded from the website.
Also, Watchpad is best experienced starting from Plan 1299.

For more information, please do visit

or you may visit the PLDT myDSL fanpage on Facebook.

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