Monday, May 31, 2010

Only Beautiful Hair from the New Best-Ever Sunsilk Completes My Fashion Statement

Hello world! People close to me call me Lab. I am 21 years old and currently employed as a computer equipment technician in a big supermarket and department store branch.

Being a store technician is no easy task. Some of my duties include gathering daily readings of cash registers before and after store hours, and routinely checking computer equipment for defects.

Aside form the routine checks, it is also my duty to attend to periodic cleaning of electronic equipment. Cash registers, personal PCs and office printers require cleaning from time to time. Maintainance of these equipment is needed for their optimal use.

Before cleaning these sensitive equipment, my fellow technicians and I will first have to move them from the store or office to our work area. That would mean we would have to carry them all the way there. Once moved, I would have to open up the machine by unscrewing the locks holding the equipment's casing together.

Cleaning these computer equipment include vacuuming dirt that have collected inside the machines overtime.

Aside from that, I would also have to wipe-off the dirt and smudges on the equipment's casing while it is detached. Smudges can be easily removed by using commercial wax cleaners.

After cleaning, the casing will have to be re-attached once more. Finally the equipment we have cleaned will have to be returned back to where it should be.

If computer equipment breaks down, there will be times we would be called to make some immediate repairs. As long as the equipment is repairable, it would be our task to replace the broken electronic components in the equipment with new ones.

As a woman, my personal appearance is a big concern. From time-to-time, I would be called to the selling area or office to attend to their computer equipment. Still, all that work load can make my hair unmanageable.

To compensate for my unruly hair, I usually tie my long hair with a hairband so it won't interfere with my work. Wearing this isn't really much of a hassle, but it somehow diminishes my hair's overall appeal.

I would sometimes wish I could just get rid of this bad hair predicament, so once in a while, I would try out new hair products available in the market. Fortunately for me, since I work in a supermarket, I easily discovered Sunsilk Co-Creations.

I found out that there are seven variants of Sunsilk Co-Creations. In the store where I work, all seven are available!

I tried out the Smooth and Manageable variant if it could work for me. After using the shampoo, I noticed that my hair is more bouncy and flowing unlike before. My long hair seemed to have come alive thanks to my new shampoo.

After a few days of using this, my officemates and cashiers at the selling area have noticed the improvements in my hair. I even remember someone asked if this was my hair's natural shine.

I was flattered to hear praises from my friends. It gave me a new sense of confidence I have never felt before. It gave me a more positive attitude towards my work and an inner peace and overall well-being. No matter how difficult the work that is presented to me, I know I will be able to finish the work, and still look great! This is all thanks to my newest fashion statement - the new Sunsilk Co-Creation series.

I hope gals out there like me would try the new Sunsilk Co-Creations, in seven variants to choose from. I am glad I discovered Sunsilk. It really worked for me!


Renelie Delgra
Computer Equipment Technician

For more information about Sunsilk Co-Creations, you may visit the Hair Experts Facebook page

P.S. This blog post is my friend's entry who wants to join this great contest from Sunsilk! Good luck to her and to all those who joined this contest!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Lewis and Pearl Quirkbook contest

To all kikays out there! Lewis and Pearl is currently holding a "Quirkbook" contest. A quirk is a short statement that describes what's special or different about you. For example, "I have a special talent in singing, acting...", etc. Join this contest and stand a chance to win an Apple iPad (or cash equivalent) and Lewis and Pearl gift packs.

This contest is open to all Filipinas aged 13 to 25 years old living in the Philippines.

There are three ways to win in this promo...

1) Getting the best score - the best quirk will be based on the following:

50% - online votes
50 % - judges scoring

2) Online raffle - 3 lucky voters will be drawn to win the iPad and gift packs. Voters may vote a quirk up to 10 times a day. You may also vote for other quirks to increase your chances of winning the online raffle.

3) On-Ground Barkada Quirk Contest

“Barkada” photographs will be sourced by Lewis & Pearl during on-ground activities. Lewis & Pearl will upload the “barkada” photographs on under the Lewis & Pearl fan page.

If your “barkada” photograph is uploaded on the Lewis and Pearl fan page , you will be invited to visit the page and “tag” yourself in the photograph. You can do this if you are a registered member of

“Barkada” photographs will be voted on by other registered members of Facebook by clicking on the “like” button. The number of “likes” will be recorded electronically. At the close of the contest period, the votes will be tallied to get the top three (3) “barkada” photographs. To determine the top three (3) photographs, each entry will be computed for Overall Score. Overall Score will be derived from number of votes (50%) and average rating (50%) by the Panel of Judges.

The Top Three (3) “barkada” Photographs will be screened by Lewis & Pearl to decide the final winning barkada. The winning “barkada” will receive a maximum of five (5) mobile phones or cash equivalent, plus gift packs from Lewis & Pearl.

Personal Note: There is no mention about the official cut-off deadline for joining this contest, or closing date of the online voting, but the announcement of winners is on September 20, 2010! Try to garner as many votes as possible as soon as you join this contest to make sure your votes count.

For more information about this contest, you may visit the Lewis and Pearl Facebook contest site, or the Lewis and Pearl webpage.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Yahoo MeMe loot bag!

I got a special prize from Yahoo! Philippines MeMe of the Week 1. It is a loot bag full of Yahoo! goodies. Unfortunately, I was not able to win the iPod Nano, but the people from Yahoo gave me this "special prize" instead.

Special thanks to the guys at Yahoo! Philippines.

What's in the loot bag?

ballpen and notebook - tamang-tama, pang back-to-school...

id necklace - another one for my collection...

isang malaking rubber yahoo logo... para sa earphones (earphones not included)

a Yahoo! stresscube?

my new sweatgear... tamang-tama pamapapawis sa summer...

Yahoo! May bago akong t-shirt!

Thanks for all these new stuff given by Yahoo! Philippines!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Globe Summer Confessions

Want to confess about your summer escapades? Fess up now and stand a chance to win a mobile phone courtesy of Globe Tattoo!

Three Nokia 5230 touchscreen phones are up-for-grabs in this contest.

Promo period is from May 21 to June 30, 2010 only.

Contest Mechanics:

1. Write a narration of your memorable summer stories on the Globe Tattoo Summer Confessions Wall. It can be anything, and we mean anything. Is it your summer escapade? A realization of life? Something you always wanted to get off your chest? Just post it there!

2. Entries can be a story posted on the wall, or answers to the SPILL! game on Facebook.

3. A complete entry should contain the complete name and correct email address of the person who posted the confession. Any user aged 13 and above can join the contest.

That's it! Post your story on the wall, and you get a shot to win a free Nokia 5230! We're capping 50% for the most likes (click "Like" on the confession you like the most), and 50% will be based on judges' choices.

Criteria for judging are:

10% - Short and concise.
30% - Creativity
50% - Uniqueness
10% - Sincerity of the story and life lessons in it.

Too bad, I don't think I'm qualified for this contest coz a relative of mine is maintaining the promo site and the spill game. Most often, relatives of people associated with the contest (like 3rd party agencies, Globe employees, people handling the contest) are disqualified from winning. Too all those interested in confessing their sins, good luck in joining this one!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SM Hypermarket's Shop, Cook & Win 100,000!

To all cooking enthusiasts, SM Hypermarket is sponsoring a cooking contest called Shop, Cook & Win 100,000!

I wish I could join such a cool contest like this. Unfortunately I don't know how to cook at all... :(

A Kitchen Showcase worth PHP 100,000 is at stake for winning this cooking contest.

The contest mechanics are as follows:

1) This contest is open to all amateur cooks and professional chefs.

2) To join, just present a PHP 1000 single or accumulated purchase from SM hypermarket, inclusive of at least one product from the following sponsors:
- Kraft Chiz Wiz
- San Remo
- CLara Ole
- Knorr
- Kraft Mircle Whip
- Kraft EDEN
- San Miguel
- Kikkoman
- Maggi
- Purefoods
- Nestle

3) The contest is composed of 3 stages: audition, elimination and finals

A. Audition Stage
Create your own version of adobo, kaldereta or menudo and submit the finished product with proof of purchase at the appointed Hypermarket branch (see schedule below). You may submit as many dishes and join in any branch. Submissions will be accepted from 10 am to 4 pm.

Location /Date / Dish

Centris Station, Valenzuela / June 15 / Adobo
Marilao Molino Sucat, MOA / June 18

Bicutan, Pasig, Clark / June 16 / Kaldereta
Novaliches, Mandaluyong / June 19
Makati, North Harbour / June 30

North EDSA, Las Pinas, Taytay June 17 / Menudo
Muntinlupa, Rosales, Baliwag / June 23
Fairview / June 25

- Entries will be judged on the following criteria

50% taste
25% originality
15% plating / presentation
10% affordability

- Judges will choose 3 winners from each branch (or total of 60 winners) who will move on to the elimination round.

B. Elimination Round

- The elimination round will be held in 3 locations: SM Hypermarket Clark, Makati and Mandaluyong.

- The 60 winners will be clustered into the 3 locations and will be competing in a live cooking demo at SM Hypermarket. See assigned venues below.

North - Clark July 2 24 contestants
South - Makati July 7 18 contestants
Central - Mandaluyong July 9 18 contestants

- in the elimination round, contestants will be given 45 minutes and a PHP 250 budget to shop for ingredients and prepare a dish using a secret ingredient which will be relvealed on contest day.

- contestants must place their creation on the judges' table within the time limit. Judging will be base do nt eh following criteria:

50% taste
25% originality
15% plating/presntation
10% use of budget (should not go over PHP 250 or 45 minutes)
100% total

- 4 winners from each cluster (North, South and Central), for a total of 12 contestants will move to the finals.

C. Finals

- In the grand finals, contestants will be grouped into 3.
- In this stage, each contestant may bring along 1 assistant to help him/her in the contest.
- SM Hypermarket shall provide cookware and utensils for the contestants.
- Initially, the 12 contestants will be grouped into 4 teams of 3 persons by drawing lots. They will go through 4 rounds, each preparing "themed" dishes.(themes will be revealed on contest date) good for 6 persons. The dishes must consist of 1 appetizer, 1 main course and 1 dessert.

- In each round, contestants will be given 1 hour and unlimited budget to shop for ingredients and prepare the dishes for 6.

Mechanics Date & Location

Round 1 - 4 teams to compete with each July 16 - Sucat
other ( 3 chefs per team)
- 2 teams to get eliminated

Round 2 - 2 teams to compete with each July 16 - Sucat
other (3 chefs per team)
- 1 team to get eliminated

Round 3 - 3 remaining contestants to July 20 - Fairview
compete with each other
- 1 will be eliminated

Round 4 - 1 vs 1 for the title of July 20 - Fairview
Super Chef

- contestants will be eliminated as each round progresses until 2 are left, who will then face-off for the grand prize.

- The finals will be judged by well-known chefs and celebrities on the following criteria:

50% taste
25% originality
15% plating / presentation
10% affordability

- The finals will be aired over the Asian Food CHannel (AFC) and will be hosted by CHef Tristan Encarnacion.

- The Super Chef 2010 winner will receive PHP 100,000 Kitchen Showcase and undergo Asian cuisine training in SIngapore for 4 days.

Upside of the contest:
- very prestigious and high-exposure contest. Finals will be aired on TV.
- nice contest prize package

The Downside:
- you need to accumulate a proof of purchase minimum of PHP 1000 worth from SM hypermarket to join.
- You must have some mastery in cooking
- You need a lot of time and planning to join this due to the many scheduled dates should you pass the auditions.
- I doubt if PHP 100,000 kitchen showcase is convertible to cash.
- based on the contest mechanics, only 1 winner will be awarded. There is no mention about runner-up prizes. I might have to verify about the other prizes from SP Hypermarket...

Personal opinion:

This contest will be a difficult competition because of the prize at stake. Expect professional chefs and culinary students to join. The prestige of winning this is far more valuable than the prize itself. Making it to the finals will give you some TV exposure as well.

Teamwork and cooperation will definitely be a factor in the finals. Whoever you will be partnered with will make or break your chances of winning this contest.

For more information, visit your nearest SM Hypermarket.

Good luck to all those interested in this cook-off!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I joined the Political Arena Promo!

The Political Arena is holding a photo and blog contest (I rather call it 'promo' because the winners will be chosen at random). If you want to join this promo, you will have up to tomorrow (May 14, 2010) to submit your photo and blogs. One winner for each category ( photo entry and blog entry) will get to own a new video camera!

Photos and blogs must be related to the previous Philippine elections. For a blog entry, you must have a minimum of two hundred words for your blog to qualify.

Here are my blog entries about the Philippine Elections...

1) The choosing Dilemma - Reducing the Number of Election Candidates

2) Spare the Trees, Please!

3) Reducing the Long Lines on the Automated Elections

4) Developing a System that can Thwart Flying Voters

5) My Opinion Regarding Poll Automation

Again the deadline for submission is up to tomorrow only! For more information about the contest, click here for details...

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My general observations this 2010 elections

Yesterday's elections ended peacefully (as always) in our barangay but with some major points that need to be refined. Unlike the previous elections, this one made me wait around an hour before finally casting my vote. I'm sure all of us might have experienced the same thing.

Frankly, I would not want to blame the automated PCOS machines for the delay. In fact, the queue to the machines were very short. Plus, it only took a few seconds for the machine to scan the ballot. What then caused the long lines?

I think, what really caused the delay was the clustering system done by the COMELEC. Clustering was done to consolidate or merge some precincts to accommodate the fewer number of machines. Although it is understandable that we really had a shortage of machines to accommodate every precinct, still, this system gave most of the voters a hard time because they had to find out which cluster they belong to before lining up. And to make things worse, the voting area only allowed a certain number of people per cluster, which caused the long lines. Funny, but some clusters had longer lines than others. Although I waited for an hour, thank heavens, my queue was shorter.

Unfortunately, there were some people who were turned off by the long lines and went home, forfeiting their vote. Still most of us were patient enough to cast ours.

In order to counter this, hopefully next elections, we should have more machines that can handle the queue. And if there will still be few machines available in the future, COMELEC should provide more marking pens and tables for the voters so that we will not wait for hours and hours doing nothing. Take note, the machines only take a few seconds to scan our ballot, hence the short queue on the machines.

Another observation... I'm not sure if my ballot was read correctly. Although the machine accepted my ballot, there was no readout, display, printout, or whatsoever to show if the machine actually made the proper scan of my ballot. I wondered about this because when I fed my ballot for scanning the first time, it was rejected. Only after the 2nd scan was my ballot accepted into the machine. Hopefully, the machine read my answers right.

With regards to the ballot, I'm sure there are some who might have observed this, but the pen markings can stain through the other side of the ballot. The ballot itself is printed back-to-back, so if you tend to mark your ballot heavily (like me), chances are those marks can be seen on the 2nd page. This might be cause for the PCOS machines not to read our ballot properly. If I may suggest, the next time we have elections, COMELEC, please do not have our ballot printed back-to-back anymore. Or if COMELEC insists on back-to-back printing, maybe they should make sure our markings will not stain through the back side by changing the material of the ballot.

As for the peace and order of the elections, there were a lot of volunteers and teachers that assisted which made yesterday's voting pretty smooth. I'm not sure if the other precincts holding their elections were that lucky.

As of writing, the count seems pretty fast granted that results are automatically generated. I am personally glad that today's election results are speedy, unlike the 2004 elections where it took almost two months to proclaim the winners. Hopefully the winners of the elections will be announced soon so that cheating candidates will not have enough time to conjure their 'magic' tricks on the outcome.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hallmark Snapshots of Love Photo Contest

Hallmark and Filstar distributors is currently holding a photo contest called "Hallmark Snapshots of Love". The theme for this contest are images of parents or images representative of parenthood or families.

To qualify, entries must portray what is best about being a mother or father, a special moment you’ve shared with your own parents or your photo of a picture-perfect mom or dad.

This contest is open to all photographers - professional or non-professional residing in the Philippines, a Filipino citizen aged 10 and above. You may submit as many entries as you wish but can only win once.

Contest requirements:

1) You must have a proof of purchase (single receipt) from any participating retail store as proof of purchase of a Hallmark Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day card. Receipt should be dated within the contest period: April 16 to June 27, 2010. For participants who will submit their entries online, a scanned image of the receipt must also be uploaded.

2) submission of entry

a) Place your entries, together with the other requirements, in a short brown envelope and drop in promo dropboxes located at all participating stores. Entries must be printed in full color on an 8R (8x10 inches) photo paper

b) Mail your entries to: Hallmark Snapshots of Love Photo Contest c/o
Marketing Group, Filstar Distributors Corporation
11 Brixton St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City 1603 Philippines

* Mailed entries must be printed in full color on an 8R (8x10 inches) photo paper and must be enclosed in a short brown envelope along with the other requirements.
c) Upload your photos on Entries submitted online must be set to 150 to 300 dpi resolution.

Contest Deadline: last day of submission is on June 27, 2010.

The prizes for the contest is as follows:

1st prize - Apple ITouch
2nd prize - Canon Selphy ES30 Photo Printer
3rd prize - Canon Powershot A480 camera
Consolation prizes: 2 winners of Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Criteria for judging:

Innovation and Creativity 40%
Message 40%
Image quality 20%

for a total of 100%

upside of the contest:
- you may submit your images online

- 20% of the cost for prizes above P 10,000 will be shouldered by the winner
- prizes not convertible to cash but transferable
- you need proof of purchase

P.S. To know more about the contest, you may visit the Filstar Distributors contest page.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Pick for Presidential Candidate - Meme of The Week topic

Meme of the Week topic: If I could vote anyone for president excluding the existing candidates who would it be?

If I were to choose a person who I will vote for president, he should be someone who will be able to shape this country's future for the better. Because of wide scale corruption and poverty, the Philippines right now is in dire need of a great leader, a someone to look up to and follow. A someone we can trust to right the wrongs of this land.

Our current presidential candidates have their own platforms to counter these problems."Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap" quips one of the top presidentialble bets from the Liberal Party, Noynoy Aquino. On the other hand, "Tapusin ang Kahirapan" through job opportunities is the campaign slogan of Nacionalista's Manny Villar. These two candidates for president both have very promising platforms. However, their battle cries for reform are far from complete. Somehow, the root of our problem is much deeper than corruption and poverty.

Problems in society can be found in its roots - the family and the youth. The way I see today's Filipino youth, I noticed that kids spend more time surfing the internet, playing video games, watching TV and indulging in leisurely play (like card games, basketball, etc.) rather than studying something worthwhile. Although those activities mentioned are not entirely bad, too much of it is. Children not being properly guided tend to learn the 'wrong things' as they grow like cheating, lying, and stealing - the basic ingredients of corruption.

kids playing video games as past time.

children playing card games and sometimes gambling...

Notice that the poorer and more underprivileged the children are, the more they do not get much attention when it comes to schooling. We hear stories of children being 'passed' by teachers to the next grade level even if they haven't learned anything for the whole school year. We hear stories of poor parents not taking their children's education seriously. Sometimes they would ask their children to work for them at an early age instead of study. I have witnessed firsthand that these horror stories do happen.

If such is the case, how can Manny Villar provide well-paying jobs to millions of Filipinos if the jobless themselves do not know how to do them? How can Noynoy rid the Philippines of corruption if parents and teachers never taught their children / students anything about ethics and morals, or that lying or stealing is wrong? Our country's youth badly needs the right education - in the academic, vocational and moral sense.

We organized a learning workshop for the children in Antipolo, Rizal.

Luckily, there are people and NGOs who have realized our shortcomings. These people have dedicated their lives to uplift the lives of the poor. Among the crop, one individual and his extraordinary story has inspired not only us Filipinos, but the whole world as well. His efforts in bringing the classroom to the streets is living proof that he is serious in eradicating the root of the problem in the Philippines - our lack of quality education and proper guidance. With his shining example, the Filipino youth is armed with good morals and proper knowledge to combat poverty and resist corruption. This person who has earned my vote for president is none other than our CNN Hero of the Year awardee, Mr. Efren Penaflorida.

There is a saying that the youth is the hope for a brighter tomorrow. Like Mr. Penaflorida, let us do our part as parents and teachers for the youth so that the flames of learning will never die.

Overly enthusiastic children enjoying free books for learning.

A lot of happy kids wanted to attend our organized event!

P.S. This is my entry to the Meme of the Week Challenge brought to us by Visit the site for more info about this contest.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who R U Picking? Mayweather or Mosley?

Who R U Picking? Floyd Mayweather or Shane Mosley? If you pick the fighter who will win tomorrow's match (May 2, 2010, Philippines), you may get to win one of two boxing gloves by Manny Pacquiao!

All you have to is visit this (click here...) and VOTE! Just remember to vote wisely coz the sponsors will draw from those who picked the winning fighter. This promo is only for Philippine residents only.

I'm sure fight fans would love to watch tomorrow's event brought to us by Solar Sports. The intensity of this match-up may be one of the biggest fights of the year! Hope you recall the incident in the previous match of Floyd Mayweather vs Juan Manuel Marquez last Sept 20,2009 (Phil. time), while Mayweather was being interviewed. Suddenly, out of nowhere Shane Mosley appeared and challenged Mayweather right there to face him. This scene reminded me of those good ol' WWF raw/smackdown face-offs...

After arrangements for this mega-fight, in a pre-fight presscon, another incident occured...

This has generated so much intensity, a lot of us want to know who's the boss!
So who r u picking? Hope u don't pick ur nose...


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