Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SM Hypermarket's Shop, Cook & Win 100,000!

To all cooking enthusiasts, SM Hypermarket is sponsoring a cooking contest called Shop, Cook & Win 100,000!

I wish I could join such a cool contest like this. Unfortunately I don't know how to cook at all... :(

A Kitchen Showcase worth PHP 100,000 is at stake for winning this cooking contest.

The contest mechanics are as follows:

1) This contest is open to all amateur cooks and professional chefs.

2) To join, just present a PHP 1000 single or accumulated purchase from SM hypermarket, inclusive of at least one product from the following sponsors:
- Kraft Chiz Wiz
- San Remo
- CLara Ole
- Knorr
- Kraft Mircle Whip
- Kraft EDEN
- San Miguel
- Kikkoman
- Maggi
- Purefoods
- Nestle

3) The contest is composed of 3 stages: audition, elimination and finals

A. Audition Stage
Create your own version of adobo, kaldereta or menudo and submit the finished product with proof of purchase at the appointed Hypermarket branch (see schedule below). You may submit as many dishes and join in any branch. Submissions will be accepted from 10 am to 4 pm.

Location /Date / Dish

Centris Station, Valenzuela / June 15 / Adobo
Marilao Molino Sucat, MOA / June 18

Bicutan, Pasig, Clark / June 16 / Kaldereta
Novaliches, Mandaluyong / June 19
Makati, North Harbour / June 30

North EDSA, Las Pinas, Taytay June 17 / Menudo
Muntinlupa, Rosales, Baliwag / June 23
Fairview / June 25

- Entries will be judged on the following criteria

50% taste
25% originality
15% plating / presentation
10% affordability

- Judges will choose 3 winners from each branch (or total of 60 winners) who will move on to the elimination round.

B. Elimination Round

- The elimination round will be held in 3 locations: SM Hypermarket Clark, Makati and Mandaluyong.

- The 60 winners will be clustered into the 3 locations and will be competing in a live cooking demo at SM Hypermarket. See assigned venues below.

North - Clark July 2 24 contestants
South - Makati July 7 18 contestants
Central - Mandaluyong July 9 18 contestants

- in the elimination round, contestants will be given 45 minutes and a PHP 250 budget to shop for ingredients and prepare a dish using a secret ingredient which will be relvealed on contest day.

- contestants must place their creation on the judges' table within the time limit. Judging will be base do nt eh following criteria:

50% taste
25% originality
15% plating/presntation
10% use of budget (should not go over PHP 250 or 45 minutes)
100% total

- 4 winners from each cluster (North, South and Central), for a total of 12 contestants will move to the finals.

C. Finals

- In the grand finals, contestants will be grouped into 3.
- In this stage, each contestant may bring along 1 assistant to help him/her in the contest.
- SM Hypermarket shall provide cookware and utensils for the contestants.
- Initially, the 12 contestants will be grouped into 4 teams of 3 persons by drawing lots. They will go through 4 rounds, each preparing "themed" dishes.(themes will be revealed on contest date) good for 6 persons. The dishes must consist of 1 appetizer, 1 main course and 1 dessert.

- In each round, contestants will be given 1 hour and unlimited budget to shop for ingredients and prepare the dishes for 6.

Mechanics Date & Location

Round 1 - 4 teams to compete with each July 16 - Sucat
other ( 3 chefs per team)
- 2 teams to get eliminated

Round 2 - 2 teams to compete with each July 16 - Sucat
other (3 chefs per team)
- 1 team to get eliminated

Round 3 - 3 remaining contestants to July 20 - Fairview
compete with each other
- 1 will be eliminated

Round 4 - 1 vs 1 for the title of July 20 - Fairview
Super Chef

- contestants will be eliminated as each round progresses until 2 are left, who will then face-off for the grand prize.

- The finals will be judged by well-known chefs and celebrities on the following criteria:

50% taste
25% originality
15% plating / presentation
10% affordability

- The finals will be aired over the Asian Food CHannel (AFC) and will be hosted by CHef Tristan Encarnacion.

- The Super Chef 2010 winner will receive PHP 100,000 Kitchen Showcase and undergo Asian cuisine training in SIngapore for 4 days.

Upside of the contest:
- very prestigious and high-exposure contest. Finals will be aired on TV.
- nice contest prize package

The Downside:
- you need to accumulate a proof of purchase minimum of PHP 1000 worth from SM hypermarket to join.
- You must have some mastery in cooking
- You need a lot of time and planning to join this due to the many scheduled dates should you pass the auditions.
- I doubt if PHP 100,000 kitchen showcase is convertible to cash.
- based on the contest mechanics, only 1 winner will be awarded. There is no mention about runner-up prizes. I might have to verify about the other prizes from SP Hypermarket...

Personal opinion:

This contest will be a difficult competition because of the prize at stake. Expect professional chefs and culinary students to join. The prestige of winning this is far more valuable than the prize itself. Making it to the finals will give you some TV exposure as well.

Teamwork and cooperation will definitely be a factor in the finals. Whoever you will be partnered with will make or break your chances of winning this contest.

For more information, visit your nearest SM Hypermarket.

Good luck to all those interested in this cook-off!

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