Saturday, May 22, 2010

Globe Summer Confessions

Want to confess about your summer escapades? Fess up now and stand a chance to win a mobile phone courtesy of Globe Tattoo!

Three Nokia 5230 touchscreen phones are up-for-grabs in this contest.

Promo period is from May 21 to June 30, 2010 only.

Contest Mechanics:

1. Write a narration of your memorable summer stories on the Globe Tattoo Summer Confessions Wall. It can be anything, and we mean anything. Is it your summer escapade? A realization of life? Something you always wanted to get off your chest? Just post it there!

2. Entries can be a story posted on the wall, or answers to the SPILL! game on Facebook.

3. A complete entry should contain the complete name and correct email address of the person who posted the confession. Any user aged 13 and above can join the contest.

That's it! Post your story on the wall, and you get a shot to win a free Nokia 5230! We're capping 50% for the most likes (click "Like" on the confession you like the most), and 50% will be based on judges' choices.

Criteria for judging are:

10% - Short and concise.
30% - Creativity
50% - Uniqueness
10% - Sincerity of the story and life lessons in it.

Too bad, I don't think I'm qualified for this contest coz a relative of mine is maintaining the promo site and the spill game. Most often, relatives of people associated with the contest (like 3rd party agencies, Globe employees, people handling the contest) are disqualified from winning. Too all those interested in confessing their sins, good luck in joining this one!

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