Friday, August 5, 2011

Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since The Family Computer

When we were still kids the Family Computer (or Nintendo Entertainment System in the U.S. market) was the "in" thing in the world of video games. During those years (in the mid 80's to be more exact), as a kid, if your family does not own one of these cool gaming consoles, you would feel like you were left out in the medieval times.

I remember the day when my father bought one of these for our family enjoyment. We only had a handful of gaming cartridges to choose from but our excitement got the better of us on the first day. From that moment on it was like this gaming console has always been a part of the family.

We had our good times with the good ol' Family Computer. I remember I once played "Battle City" with my dad. I never knew it was so addictive that we started playing late evening, and by the time we finished it was already 6 a.m. the next morning! By the time my dad realized this, the only thing he could say to me was "Ok game over, time to sleep!" and left me to put away the Family Computer while he went off to bed.

There was even a time my brother and I got scolded by our dad because we played Super Mario 3 far too late in the evening while we had classes the next day. Thanks to my idea of not using the "warp zone", we played every level 'til our King Kuppa called us out (lol).

Having this console was so hot because it introduced us with a whole new dimension in gaming. Thanks to the Family Computer we got to experience different gaming styles and genres.

Some of my favorite games include:

Super Mario Bros 3 - this platform adventure games takes hours and hours to complete. With highly imaginative levels and entertaining gameplay, Mario has always been an inspiration to avid gamers worldwide.

Sports games like Nintendo Baseball and Tennis - these casual games allow you to practice timing while having fun with family and friends.

Gradius 2 and Salamander (a.k.a LifeForce) - these space adventure games take you dodging and shooting in captivating alien worlds.

Wild GunMan and Duck Hunt - these shooting games allow you to practice your targeting skills using the gun controller. Wild Gunman is a cartoony way of your Wild west shoot 'em up while Duck Hunt was specially funny and annoying at times whenever the dog laughs at you for missing the duck.

There are tons unforgettable games in the Family Computer, some even touted as legendary, their iterations and spinoffs have been ported to the newer gaming consoles like the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. To mention a few more aside from Mario, we have the Castlevania Series, Final Fantasy Series, Zelda Zeries and the Megaman (RockMan) Series. The legacy of these games is proof enough that the Family Computer was THE hottest thing in gaming during its time.

And while Family Computers were hot during the 80's, being a Nuffnanger is just as hot right now! What gives Nuffnangers its charm is similar to what gives the Family Computer its charm back then for the following reasons...

1) You never run out of variety. Just like choosing a video game you like to play, being a Nuffnanger allows you to participate in different activities inside and outside blogging. Worthwhile activities like special movie screenings and blogger events allow us Nuffnangers to redefine our limits in blogging.

2) You never run out of challenges. What I love about being a Nuffnanger is that they allow members to join in different blog contests sponsored by the Nuffnang advertisers. For me, contests are like video games only better! Contests allow us to hone our skill as bloggers and get a chance to win prizes too!

3) Being a Nuffnanger means you are part of the Family. With Nuffnang's bloggers events, you get a chance to meet and greet other active bloggers in person! Blogging is more than just writing, it's a way of socializing and getting to meet new friends. Just like our good ol' Family Computer we have considered a part of the family, being a Nuffnanger makes you a part of a bigger family in the great new world of online blogging.

* Visit the Nuffnang Philippines website to know more about Nuffnang. You don't need to spend in order to be part of a family. Membership is free of charge.

By the way, aside from Nuffnang being hot, Pizza Hut also delivers Pizza that is sure to be hot! Pizza Hut now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries: 30 minutes AND hot (as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) or your pizza is FREE!

This is my entry to Nuffnang Philippines' Cowboys and Aliens Special Screening blog contest. First 100 bloggers to submit their blog posts get to win free invites to the movie: Cowboys and Aliens. Deadline for this contest is on August 8, 2011 11 a.m.

Also remember to dial 911-11-11 if you want your pizzas Hot on the Dot!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Schick Philippines' Shave For A Cause: Search for the Ultimate Schick Look!

Join Schick Philippines' Shave For A Cause: Search for the Ultimate Schick Look! and get a chance to win 20,000 pesos and a digital camera and one year supply of Schick products! Grand winner will become the Ultimate Schick model and become a part of GMA talent Center.

Contest is open to all male and female students currently enrolled in a college or university.

Contest mechanics:

To nominate online:

1. Visit

2. Upload 2 photos (close up and full body) and/or a one-minute video of yourself or your nominee.

3. Write a brief description about yourself or your nominee on why you/he/she deserve to be the Ultimate Schick Look.

4. Nominee should be currently enrolled in school it is representing.

5. Invite friends to visit site and cast their votes on Schick website and like the fan page of Schick Philippines and their nominee of choice. Join the web games and promos on-site and on Schick Philippines Facebook fan page to win prizes.

6. Nominations will also be accepted via the Schick Groooming School Caravan*.

* Schedule of Scbick school visits to be posted on the website and Facebook fan page.

To Vote:

1. Visit Click the Ultimate Shcick Look icon on the site.

2. To register, the voter must fill out the online registation form with the following particulars: name (first and last names), email, mobile number, addess, username, password and repeat password, and click REGISTER. Upon submission of registration form, a prompt will appear stating that they should validate their email address. Upon opening their email address and clicking on the link sent by the USL site, they will be officially registered.

3. Search the name of the nominee you want to vote.

4. Cast your vote on site.

5. Participants may vote for more than one nominee but no more than once for each nominee.

6. Voters must like the fan page of Schick Philippines before they can like their nominee of choice.

7. Invite friends to visit and cast their votes on the Schick website, like the Facebook fan page of Shcick Philippines, and their nominee of choice.

8. "Likes" will be verified and if found from fictitious or questionable FB account, votes will not be counted and may be subjected to disqualification of the candidate.

9. The day after online voting closes, August 30, 2011, results will be tallied and totaled by a Schick representative and the Webside Story (web content provider) representative.

10. Voters and Schick Philippines FB fans get a chance to win Schick gift pack via electronic raffle.

11. Winners will be informed via email.

* For more complete guidelines check out the Schick Philippines contest page.

Elimination Criteria:

60% Overall bearing (look, personality, character)
20% Online votes
20% Facebook likes

Grand finals:

1. The top 20 (10 male and 1 female) nominee as per results of the elimination will be invited to join the grand finals.

2. They will receive a call and a letter with detailed instructions on the grand finals.

3. Judges Criteria for the Ultimate Schick look 2011: Shave with Style for a Cause:

50% Overall bearing (look, personality, character)
35% Ultimate Style makeover
15% Online votes and Facebook likes

4. The judges will determine the final tally.

5. Top male and female winner will become the Schick Model and will have a chance to become part of GMA Talent Center.


Grand winner: 20,000 pesos, digital camera, one year supply of Schick products, modeling contract with Schick Philippines and be one of GMA's talents.

-get a better chance of winning by asking friends to vote for you on Schick Philippines Facebook and the Schick Philippines contest page.
- closing deadline for online votes is on August 30, 2011.

For more information on this contest, visit Schick Philippines website and the Schick Philippines fan page.

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