Thursday, December 10, 2009

Introducing PLDT myDSL Watchpad!

With the advancement of the information age, more and more people heavily rely on the internet. Be it for information, news, sports or entertainment, its features are limitless.

PLDT myDSL is one of the internet service providers (ISP) out here in the Philippines that we well know of. With PLDT myDSL, we are able to connect to the internet that is fast and reliable.

And now, PLDT myDSL offers a new application called Watchpad. With the aid of Watchpad, internet users can watch TV from the comfort of their PCs or laptops.

If you have PLDT myDSL, here are the advantages of having Watchpad installed on your PCs...

1) You can watch cable and local channels! With myShows, some of the hottest channels like CNN, National Geographic Channel, Cartoon Network, MTV anf GMA7 are available here!

2) Play online games! With myArcade, you can get to play online games from Level Up!

3) Watch movies! With myFlicks, you may be able to watch movies like the one from Cannes Film Festival best director awardee, Brilliante Mendoza - "Kinatay". More movies from award winning directors are coming soon.

4) Know Everything Else! With myVIEW, you can get the latest fashion tips, celebrity news, the latest gossip, campus events and more! You can also listen to the top FM radio programs live from the radio stations to your PC.

5) Chat and blog without leaving Watchpad. You do not have to close the Watchpad application to blog or chat on Multiply, Facebook and Twitter.

What is the most exciting thing about Watchpad and why do you think everyone should have Watchpad on their PCs?

The most exciting thing about Watchpad is also the best reason for us kuripot people to use it. All the features supported here are ABLSOLUTELY FREE! If you have PLDT MyDSL as your internet service provider, you should try out Watchpad. Again, the use of watchpad is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Before I end this, may I present you with a short video entitled "Antenna", hope you enjoy the show!

If there are problems viewing this video, please click here...

I would also like to cite another advantage of Watchpad. With fast pace internet connection, we may no longer need the traditional antenna to watch our TV. Watching live TV through internet will be as common as the TV itself.

Antennas have their limitations. Signal strength received by your TV depends on the distance between the transmitter (TV station) and your home, and the antenna's orientation (where it's pointing at). Also other factors can affect signal strength, like geographic obstructions (buildings, mountains) and weather conditions. With myDSL's Watchpad, you can get around these limitations.

PLDT myDSL's Watchpad will be the 'airwave' of the future...


P.S. In order to use Watchpad on your PC, you must have these installed to your machines...

•.NET Framework 2.0 and above
• Latest Adobe Flash player
• Windows Media Player 9 or higher
• IE 6.0 or higher

You will also have to download the Watchpad application and you must be a subscriber of PLDT myDSL to avail this feature.

Take note that all of these can also be downloaded from the website.
Also, Watchpad is best experienced starting from Plan 1299.

For more information, please do visit

or you may visit the PLDT myDSL fanpage on Facebook.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at Sitio Daang Bakal, Antipolo City

Mountain hiking is one of my favorite pastimes. It is a hobby that keeps me active and healthy. I would walk for miles to enjoy the lush scenery, take nice photos, and rediscover nature. For me, Antipolo City is a good place for mountain hikes.

Antipolo City is an 1 hour and half drive away from Manila. It is quite accessible and not as far as compared to traveling other mountainous regions in Luzon. The city proper has gotten more urbanized through the years, but the barangays here still have that barrio feel. I go up there at times for rest and recreation. The cool mountain breeze soothes the body and mind from the daily stress of office life.

Traveling in the wilds can help you rediscover nature...

Here are some of my nature and travel photos I took along the way...

I took a photo of a makeshift wooden bridge across a stream.

Antipolo has an abundant natural water source springing from the mountain side.

I happened to take a photo of colorful dragonflies along the way...

Mushroom sprouts across a tree trunk.

Some preparation is needed in order to enjoy the hiking experience. One of them is bringing some food and water in case we go hungry or thirsty along the way. You'll never know when you will need it! That's specially true if you plan to wander around the unknown wilderness for hours.

Sometimes, you would have to climb steep slopes to move forward...

When it comes to food, it is best to bring something that is quite filling, and has easy-to-open packaging. Luckily, in one trip to my local supermarket, I was able to discover the new Century Bangus Fillet! I discovered two delicious flavors. Spanish Style and With Tausi.

I brought along Century Bangus Fillet for my hiking trip...

Century Bangus Fillet comes with an easy-to-open handle for convenience...

In my recent hiking trip to Antipolo, Rizal, I was able to pass by a small eatery by chance. At that time, I was so hungry, I decided to eat my 'baon' there.

Here is a video of my 'anytime, anywhere adventure'. If there are problems viewing the video, please click here... (Shown here is how I discovered getting to a local eatery via the scenic route...)

I met Mr. Jaime, Cui, a resident of that area, on that same eatery. We exchanged stories, and shared some of my Century Bangus Fillet with him. Interestingly, I found out he was cast as an extra for an old noontime soap opera, 'Valiente'. Also, I found out that some of the scenes of that soap opera were taken here for that Hacienda look.

Luckily, he was cast on the show when they needed extras shot on this location. He narrated how some of his other friends were not accepted as extras because they were not able to follow acting instructions well.

I am really thankful and glad he was game enough to be a cast on my video for this blog. It was a very simple video actually, but it was so much fun to do!

Mr. Cui agreed to be part my video for Century Bangus Fillet!

Century Bangus Fillet! It's the perfect food to share and meet new and interesting people!

After the delicious meal, and meeting up with an interesting person, eventually we would have to part ways. It was really fun getting to know and share a meal to someone you have never met before. You get to learn a lot of things and insights from them. For me, that was the real discovery.

Every journey has its end, so they say.
And we have to move on, be on our way.
After the long hike, and meeting someone new,
we all have to say our 'nice meeting you'.
This journey now ends, a new one begins each day
so make it worthwhile with Century Bangus Fillet!

P.S. I would like to thank the residents of
Sitio Daang Bakal for their hospitality, specially Mr. Jaime Cui and Ms. Samantha Berroya for their active role in the video.

Soundtrack of the video was borrowed from, (for royalty free soundtracks).

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tipid Squad Revelation and Contest

Tipid Squad, a newly created site is holding an SEO contest. Joining this is simple! All you need to do is...

1. Create a post about the contest AND/OR our site’s theme (personal finance/budgetting)

2. Optimize the keywords Tipid Dauqs Budget Tips

3. Your entry must be created between November 20, 2009 and December 18, 2009

4. Link back to our site ( with title Budget Tips (e.g. Budget Tips) or simply copy this code and include to your post: Budget Tips

5. submit your entry on or before December 18, 2009 by leaving your name, e-mail address, and link of your entry in the comment box below.

6. Multiple entries are okay.

This contest is open to anyone living in the Philippines. Top 3 entries (which will be checked via by December 25, 2009, 11:59 PM will be declared winners. Winners will be announced by 12MN.


1st: P700
2nd: P500
3rd: P300


Leave a separate comment in this post to guess the names of the squad’s members! The person who can give us the most number of names, if not a complete list of the squad gets a free .com or .net domain from us. First Name + Last Name or Nickname + Last Name will do. In case of tie, the first one who sent us the FIRST, most complete entry will win.

Every week, we will give updates and more clues to help you with your guessing so keep visiting the site or subscribe via your reader.

You can also add us up and follow us on plurk and twitter:

To know more about the contest, click here...

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Papemelroti Negosyo Book and Notebook promo

Papemelroti is giving away a Go Negosyo book for their contest for those who are interested in putting up a successful business.

All you have to do is post a message on their site giving a link to your blog entry. Make sure your link can be viewed publicly. And on your blog entry, just place a link to their contest page.

Joining is that easy!

Deadline is on September 15, 2009 10:30 am.

Don't miss this chance to own that Go Negosyo Book for free!

Good luck to everyone!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

KFC Bucket of Fries - Contest Entry

Me and my friends just joined the KFC Mini Bucket of Fries Photo Contest! I hope my entry is good enough to win this contest. Judging of the photos are as follows...

  • Creativity of the photograph and the use of jargons = 30%
  • Relevance of the KFC Mini Bucket of Fries in the photograph = 30%
  • Number of views, votes, and comments = 20%
  • Overall impact = 20%

KFC - Keeps Friends Close !

Click here to view our entry and vote!

In order to vote, you must first register with the KFC Mini Bucket of Fries website. You may also want to join the contest by uploading your own photos.

To register with the KFC site, click here.
To view the gallery, click here.
To vote for our entry, click here.

Prizes at stake:

  • Grand Prize

A Year’s Supply of KFC
- 365 pieces of KFC Gift Certificates for 2-Piece Chicken (valid for one year from the date of issuance)

  • Consolation Prizes

5 units of Samsung C3053
- Full Featured Stylish Slider Phone
- VGA Camera with Digital Zoom
- Simplified User Interface
- MP3 Player and FM Radio
- Video Recording and Playback
- Expandable Memory via MicroSD

So vote or join now! The deadline for this contest is until August 21, 2009 only!


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Monday, July 20, 2009

Cadbury Pure Happiness Festival - Contest Entry

This is my entry to the Cadbury Pure Happiness Festival contest.

side view with festival mural

top portion

The contest is sponsored by Cadbury Philippines.

I would like to invite everyone out there to vote for my entry for this year's contest. My entry number is No. 8. (Swerte daw ang 8 sa Chinese numerology, hehe). It just so happens that I was the 8th contestant to submit an entry. This year only 19 entries registered.

Criteria for this contest is as follows:

40 % - use of Cadbury Wrappers
30 % - adherence to theme
20 % - creativity
10 % - audience vote

I greatly appreciate it if you could vote for my entry. Audience vote is 10 % of the contest criteria. If my entry wins and if you voted for my entry, you get a chance to win cash prizes too!

Where to vote?

Voting will be done in two venues on a Saturday and Sunday of the week from July 19, 2009 until August 2, 2009:

1) Robinson's Galleria last July 19

2) SM Manila on July 25 and 26
exhibit location: Upper Ground floor, event center near Kenny Roger's

3) SM Megamall on August 1 and 2
exhibit location: Bldg A, Upper Ground floor

In order to vote, you must go to the Cadbury booth inside the designated mall exhibit area and buy Cadbury products. For every 100 pesos worth of Cadbury products, you are entitled to one vote stub. (200 pesos worth entitles you to two vote stubs, etc...) Fill up the vote stub and drop it at the drop box of an entry you want to vote for.

If an entry wins (1st, 2nd or 3rd), the voters who voted for that entry will be raffled off. One lucky winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 pesos!!!

My Entry dimensions:

Height: 97 cm
Length: 76 cm
Width: 76 cm

The maximum dimensions set by Cadbury Philippines for this year's contest is limited to 1 meter (100 cm) for each dimension. Exceeding it would mean disqualification.

Here some photos of my entry...

Portions of the mural

Festivals Depicted...


Panagbenga festival
Ati-atihan festival

Maskara festival

Higantes festival - with a giant Manny Pacquiao!

Additional Elements...

travelling family together!

marching band

Cadbury Wrappers Used:

Just like last year's, I used a wide range of Cadbury wrappers (like almost every Cadbury product available in the Philippines).

1) Cadbury Dairy Milk and its variants
- Golden Crisp (yellow)
- Roast Almond (orange)
- Hazel Nut (brown)
- Fruit and Nut (red)
- Black Forest (reddish pink)
- Mixed Nuts (yellow orange)

2) Time Out (blue)
- bite size
- chocettes w/ time out

3) Zip
- fruity crunch (green)

4) Milk Tray
- dairy milk
- strawberry yogurt flavor (pink)

5) Picnic (red and yellow)

6) Cadbury Ecclairs (yellow)

7) Dark Noir (dark chocolate) - bite size (red)

8) Cadbury Moments
- Hazel Nut (yellow)
- Almonds (blue)

9) Old Gold (yellow and black)

It has taken me a lot of time and effort to complete. This entry, like last year's, is a collective effort of me, my family, and my girlfriend. But unlike last year's where I have done majority of the work, this year they played a more active role.

Thanks to them, my entry would not have been possible.

Thanks to mama who did the miniature people, the sun backdrop, the Manny Pacquiao giant design, and more...

Thanks to papa who helped me construct the lighting circuitry, and the base structure, and more...

Thanks to Ariane who did a lot of detailing, for the background, the marching band, the details on the miniature family and jeep, and a whole lot more...

Without them, my entry would be nothing but wrappers!

Once more, I invite everyone to vote for my entry, entry Number 8 - The Pinoy theme, with the sun and family background. Thanks again and good luck in the draw should my entry win!

Additional Info: My entry to last year's Cadbury's Art of Happiness art contest won 1st place. In my opinion, my entry for this year has a good chance of winning, all the more if you could give your support through your votes. Many thanks in advance should you decide to support my entry.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You're the 1, Goldilocks!

I loved joining contests. Joining them was a way for me to express myself and refine my skills. For me, being a contestant was a way of life.

I would join any kind of contest. Writing contests, photography contests, design contests. I even dreamed of joining song writing and music composition contests! Although I haven't gone that far yet. I have won some and lost countless times. Still I continued joining them.

However, it seems joining too many contests got the best of me. I abruptly stopped around 2004 and discontinued ever since. Maybe I just lost the interest and motivation altogether.

Then one day in September 2006, I met her...

We shared a lot of things in common. We loved anime, play video games, eat delicous Pinoy treats at Goldilocks... Simply being with her made me feel special.

After a few weeks of dating, she finally became my girlfreind.

Alright, enough of the appetizer, time to move on to the main course.

Here is is my Goldilocks experience I would like to share.

One cloudy day in June, as we were about to go home from work, we passed by a Goldilocks bake shop in Ayala, Makati. We were not in a hurry and we noticed an interesting poster on the store's glass window. It read: Join the Goldilocks"Cookie House" contest and get a chance to win prizes!

I really didn't know what came over me, but I felt the urge of joining this one. I have not joined design contests for awhile but this one sparked my interest. And so I read about the contest details.

She asked if I was interested in joining.

"I wish so..." I replied.

"Then why not join? No harm in trying..."

The "Cookie House contest" was a family oriented contest. "Too bad..." I thought. No one in my family knows how to bake or decorate food.

Then again, I reeeeaaaally wanted to try. I wanted to do something new.

"I could probably do it..." I said, "...but who's gonna help me out? I don't know how to build a Cookie House."

"I can!" She answered. I never thought she was interested too.

And so I finally decided to buy their Cookie House kit. Before we started, we checked to see what kind of goodies were included in the list.
There were...
- Candies and marshmallows for the decor
- Cookies for the four sides of the house
- Cookie sticks for the sides of the house
- confectionery sugar
- A plastic pastry bag
- a Cardboard box shaped like a house, which holds the 'cookie house' together

After seeing its contents, we decided on a design which we hoped will be unique. We entitled it 'Tahanang Pinoy'. Although the concept was not that original, it really was a challenge to make our entry look that way.

In order to build it like a tahanang pinoy, we decided to buy more cookies and sweets. Some include pretzels, graham crackers, and animal shaped biscuits.
After acquiring all the materials needed, came the hard part.

At first I thought it was that easy to 'build' the cookie house. The idea was to use the confectionery sugar to glue the cookie house together. Sounds fairly easy, until I tried it first hand!
At first, the walls stuck easily, but alas, after an hour or so, our cookie house, starting with the sides fell apart.

Arrrgh! What did I do wrong... I was so sure I did the right thing attaching the sides. But then I realized that I'm working on something I never tried before. Confectionery sugar after awhile hardens and becomes brittle. A little movement can cause the attachments to be unglued.

Although the cookie house literally crumbled apart, she never felt frustrated...

Thus, we attached the cookie house all over again.

After hours of pasting the house together, finally we got it completed. It was a tedious process, but we finally managed to complete it.

Completing the cookie house is a joy in itself...

The final part of the contest requirement was taking a picture of it. At the bottom is the picture of our creation..

Our Goldilocks Cookie House Contest Entry

After entering this contest, I learned a lot about my special someone.

- She knows how to cook and bake.
- She is very patient with meticulous work.
- She has a creative side as well.
- She loves new challenges.
- She is a lot like me in some ways.

You're the one Goldilocks because you've given me an opportunity to share treasured moments with my number one, most special friend. Even though we aren't family (yet), you made us feel that we belong to each other.

It was a very memorable experience, one I can truly cherish. And even if we did not win, the passion and joy we shared in creating our 'cookie house' was strong, and my feelings for her as well.

Thank you once again for that challenging yet worthwhile Goldilocks experience.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Top 50 Finalists for the MOA Flores de Mayo Photo Contest Released

The top 50 finalists of the Mall of Asia Flores de Mayo Photography Contest has been released. This contest was sponsored by Unilever Philippines. Below is my submission for the said contest held last May 24, 2009 around 4 p.m. at the SM Mall of Asia, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Camera model used: Olympus 1030SW
ISO Setting: 100
Aperture: f / 5
Shutter: 1 / 500

Check out their multiply site to see the top 50 entries and check if ever you made it as finalist (if ever you participated in the contest).

Congratulations to the finalists.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Follow-up Article on LG Cookie Promo

Technograph Philippines recently published an article regarding the winners of the LG Cookie Promo sponsored by them and LG Philippines.

I was one of the lucky winners of the promo. The prize, an LG Cookie Phone - the KP500.

I admit going to the venue was a little difficult for me because I had to travel far to claim the prize at LG Philippines in Baybunga Pasig. I am not quite familiar with the location. Still, I was able to arrive on time.

When I arrived at LG around 5:45 pm , the representative who attended to me was Mr. Al Dimapilis (corporate PR officer). He was even kind enough to give me a free meal before the awarding. Thanks sir, for the meal!

Before we were finally awarded the prize, I was able to have a light conversation with fellow winner Kristine Tupaz.

In the photo, I am with fellow winner Kristine at right. Also in the photo are the executives from LG. From the left is Mr. Andrew Song (VP for product marketing of mobile communications), Mr. Raymond Hernandez (corporate marketing head) and on the far right is Mr. Arnold Manabat (mobile communications product marketing officer). Mr. Al Dimapilis was the one who took the photo.

It was fun being able to have an opportunity to join an online contest and win the prize!

Once again, thank you LG Philippines and Technograph!

P.S. Special thanks to Boy Kuripot for the information regarding this contest.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

House and Lot for Sale!!!


Location: Hauskon Subdivision,
Bojulugan, Tanza Cavite
House and Lot - Bungalow

Lot Area: 98 square meters
Lot Placement: Corner Lot - Yellow Bell St. corner Santan St.

Price: PHP 1.4 million negotiable

w/ Clean Title

Contact Details: cel# 09274865523
look for Pening

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Imumo SEO Blogging contest - contest entry

Here is what the contest is all about.

The “Imumo SEO blogging” contest is organized by [“Organizer”]. The Contest will commence from 00:01 on 07 May 2009 and end 23:59 on 22 May, 2009 [“Contest Period”]. The winner of this Contest will receive a iPod Shuffle 4th Generation (4GB).

The following must be discussed to qualify for the contest:

1) Job Matching benefits

2) Looking for a job in the Philippines (there should be links going to

Posted below is my entry for this contest.

HAAAAY BUHAY! How difficult it is to find a good paying job in the Philippines! Thanks to the economic crunch and the population boom here, more and more college graduates are having a rough time finding one. At the same time, those with jobs are scared of moving on to a different company offering better pay for fear of losing their current position, and not being able to get the better paying job either. Because of this difficulty in finding good jobs, some are forced to settle for low paying jobs, sidelines, and odd jobs in order to earn a living.

My first day on the job as a street vendor / "pulubi"

Because of the current problems we have in our country today, the chances of landing a job has clearly become smaller. And so, in order for us applicants to get a better chance of landing a job, we try to find as many job openings possible. There are many ways to do this.

How do our applicants look for a job here in the Philippines?

Door Hopping

During the dark ages of no internet access, the old way is to drop by the doors of each company you are interested in applying for, then drop-off your application form and resume at the front desk. This is a time-consuming and tiring process because of the long travel time and uncertainty of job openings for each company you visit.


Another traditional method is to check out classified ads for possible openings. This is more effective than door hopping. At least you get to know that a company has an opening for the position you want to apply for before you actually go there. The downside is that you may have to buy one first, and not all the possible openings are listed in one issue.

Classified ads through newspapers are sometimes tedious to browse through...

Job Fairs

Some job applicants give a lot of effort going to job fairs just to submit their application forms and resume to various hiring companies in attendance. The advantage of this is you can drop-off your application forms and resume to a lot of possible employers in one trip.

The downside is, if you happen to be the applicant yourself at the job fair, specially the popular ones in Metro Manila, you'll find yourself jam packed with many other applicants as well! Imagine yourself and the rest of the applicants crammed in the venue like sardines in a can!

Desperate for a job, we Filipinos generally tolerate any hardship - the long lines, the waiting time, and the smothering competition.

The internet

Finally, with today's widespread internet accessibility, one can hunt for a job in the comfort of their own homes, or nearby internet rental shops.

Thanks to the internet, we can find job listings at the comfort of our home...

To look for job openings via the net, you may...

a) Visit official company websites. Company websites, specially large ones have links that post job openings for interested applicants. They may contain contact information where applicants can send their soft copy (saved data/information) of their resume, contact information and other relevant info about themselves via e-mail.

b) Register at Job related websites. Some web sites like offer job seekers a wide range of choices for job openings.

Why provides Philippine job hunters a great concept called Job Matching. Job matching is a feature where the applicant is given possible openings based on their educational background, listed qualifications, work experience, skills, etc. With this advantage, it is like having the job looking for the applicant, and not the applicant hunting the job.

a snapshot of's home page also provides contacts with former classmates also registered here, making character references much easier for you.

Job Matching benefits

Here are some advantages of job matching...

a) Minimizes time to job hunt. Because the jobs presented to the applicant is qualified for him to do, it shortens the time needed to browse and apply for a job. sorts this out for you.

b) Gives the applicant better choices. Not all applicants want the same thing. Some applicants want to work near their homes. Others are willing to travel. Some want fixed schedules, others want flexi-time. considers each applicant's preferences in presenting job openings.

c) Higher chance of landing a job. With, the applicant is presented jobs and how well he will be able to do. presents the applicant's standing of a particular job opening against other applicants applying for the same job. This standing is called match score. The higher your match score, the better your chances for that particular job opening.

And so, if you're looking for a job and you want to find possible openings fast, the first thing you could do is visit and register FOR FREE! (Or simply log-in to, if you are already a member.)

Registration is simple! It just requires you to fill up personal information like your name, e-mail address, birthday, contact information, educational attainment, and skills - just like creating an on-line resume. Then, that's it! You are now ready to have the advantage!

To know more about the site, please do visit and experience

Happy job hunting!

P.S. Just click any of the links found here to visit the site.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Thank you to LG and Technograph Philippines

I have seen the results of the Grab the LG Cookie contest, and I couldn't thank you enough LG Philippines for sponsoring this contest and for picking mine as the winning entry for the male category.

I would also like to thank Technograph Philippines who organized this design contest.

Thanks also to all who visited my blog specially those who made their views and opinion about my entry.

Once again, thanks to all who supported me and to those who made this contest possible.

from Ronald

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Entry to the LG Grab the LG Cookie Promo

Here is my entry to the Grab the LG Cookie Promo. Visit Technograph Philippines website or click here for complete details.

Here is what the contest is all about...

Download the LG KP500 Cookie thumb mark icon here.

Design an original artwork that best represents your personality using the famous Cookie thumbprint. Entries must not be the same as the ones posted above. Design must be in jpeg file format with a minimum resolution of 1275 X 1650 pixels

Post your design and write a blog/entry telling your readers:

Why your thumb mark design represents you

Why you deserve an LG Cookie phone

Ask your friends to rate your design on a scale of 1 – 5 cookies and share their insights. One insight per visitor will be counted. (Get your readers to comment on your entry and rate your design)

Post your blog/entry link in the thread of this main competition site (leave an opinion below containing a link to your entry).
The promo starts on April 8, 2009. Deadline for entries is on April 29, 2009, Friday.

One male and one female winner each of LG Cookie will be announced here on Friday, May 1st 2009.

Please rate my design so that I may have a chance of winning this contest. Just rate it from 1 to 5 cookies, and please give your opinion (even if it is negative, ok lang). Click image for better resolution...

Why my thumb mark design represents me...

Using photo editing software, I was able to render this kiddie like drawing of me. Here are ten reasons why I represent myself this way...

1) Big mouth - I LOVE food!
2) NO FERA hat - this was given to me by my auntie one Christmas because that is what I always blurt out if I were asked for a blowout (hehehe).

3) Brown shirt - this is actually my favorite shirt. I even wore this at some of the contests and awarding ceremonies I attended.

Awarding perfect attendance for 2008

Awarding for an art contest July 27, 2008

4) Pockets turned out - to emphasize reason #2. (NO FERA)

5) Camera - even if I have NO FERA, I practice amateur photography and join photo contests using point and shoot digicams i borrow from other people. I couldn't afford a decent digital SLR camera...

6) hand reaching out - I believe I am open to other people (or maybe I'm just grabbing a bowl of free food, harharhar)

7) Free taste stand / bowl of food - I love food and I love free stuff!

8) Outdoor scene - even though I stay indoors most of the time, I really love nature and the outdoors.

9) Wide eyes - I believe I have a positive outlook towards life.

10) Kiddie like design - I draw like a kid because I AM A KID (at heart)!


Why do I deserve a LG Cookie phone?

A kuripot kid like me believes that with hardwork, passion and a little luck, I may be able to win myself one great looking phone loaded with many great features - the LG KP500 Cookie phone. I also deserve this phone because ...(yum,yum cookie, reason #1)


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