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Imumo SEO Blogging contest - contest entry

Here is what the contest is all about.

The “Imumo SEO blogging” contest is organized by [“Organizer”]. The Contest will commence from 00:01 on 07 May 2009 and end 23:59 on 22 May, 2009 [“Contest Period”]. The winner of this Contest will receive a iPod Shuffle 4th Generation (4GB).

The following must be discussed to qualify for the contest:

1) Job Matching benefits

2) Looking for a job in the Philippines (there should be links going to

Posted below is my entry for this contest.

HAAAAY BUHAY! How difficult it is to find a good paying job in the Philippines! Thanks to the economic crunch and the population boom here, more and more college graduates are having a rough time finding one. At the same time, those with jobs are scared of moving on to a different company offering better pay for fear of losing their current position, and not being able to get the better paying job either. Because of this difficulty in finding good jobs, some are forced to settle for low paying jobs, sidelines, and odd jobs in order to earn a living.

My first day on the job as a street vendor / "pulubi"

Because of the current problems we have in our country today, the chances of landing a job has clearly become smaller. And so, in order for us applicants to get a better chance of landing a job, we try to find as many job openings possible. There are many ways to do this.

How do our applicants look for a job here in the Philippines?

Door Hopping

During the dark ages of no internet access, the old way is to drop by the doors of each company you are interested in applying for, then drop-off your application form and resume at the front desk. This is a time-consuming and tiring process because of the long travel time and uncertainty of job openings for each company you visit.


Another traditional method is to check out classified ads for possible openings. This is more effective than door hopping. At least you get to know that a company has an opening for the position you want to apply for before you actually go there. The downside is that you may have to buy one first, and not all the possible openings are listed in one issue.

Classified ads through newspapers are sometimes tedious to browse through...

Job Fairs

Some job applicants give a lot of effort going to job fairs just to submit their application forms and resume to various hiring companies in attendance. The advantage of this is you can drop-off your application forms and resume to a lot of possible employers in one trip.

The downside is, if you happen to be the applicant yourself at the job fair, specially the popular ones in Metro Manila, you'll find yourself jam packed with many other applicants as well! Imagine yourself and the rest of the applicants crammed in the venue like sardines in a can!

Desperate for a job, we Filipinos generally tolerate any hardship - the long lines, the waiting time, and the smothering competition.

The internet

Finally, with today's widespread internet accessibility, one can hunt for a job in the comfort of their own homes, or nearby internet rental shops.

Thanks to the internet, we can find job listings at the comfort of our home...

To look for job openings via the net, you may...

a) Visit official company websites. Company websites, specially large ones have links that post job openings for interested applicants. They may contain contact information where applicants can send their soft copy (saved data/information) of their resume, contact information and other relevant info about themselves via e-mail.

b) Register at Job related websites. Some web sites like offer job seekers a wide range of choices for job openings.

Why provides Philippine job hunters a great concept called Job Matching. Job matching is a feature where the applicant is given possible openings based on their educational background, listed qualifications, work experience, skills, etc. With this advantage, it is like having the job looking for the applicant, and not the applicant hunting the job.

a snapshot of's home page also provides contacts with former classmates also registered here, making character references much easier for you.

Job Matching benefits

Here are some advantages of job matching...

a) Minimizes time to job hunt. Because the jobs presented to the applicant is qualified for him to do, it shortens the time needed to browse and apply for a job. sorts this out for you.

b) Gives the applicant better choices. Not all applicants want the same thing. Some applicants want to work near their homes. Others are willing to travel. Some want fixed schedules, others want flexi-time. considers each applicant's preferences in presenting job openings.

c) Higher chance of landing a job. With, the applicant is presented jobs and how well he will be able to do. presents the applicant's standing of a particular job opening against other applicants applying for the same job. This standing is called match score. The higher your match score, the better your chances for that particular job opening.

And so, if you're looking for a job and you want to find possible openings fast, the first thing you could do is visit and register FOR FREE! (Or simply log-in to, if you are already a member.)

Registration is simple! It just requires you to fill up personal information like your name, e-mail address, birthday, contact information, educational attainment, and skills - just like creating an on-line resume. Then, that's it! You are now ready to have the advantage!

To know more about the site, please do visit and experience

Happy job hunting!

P.S. Just click any of the links found here to visit the site.


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