Sunday, December 16, 2012

All I Want for Christmas is Canon

Nowadays people tend to rely on their cellphone cameras for their day-to-day snapshots. With today's cellphones, one can argue that more than 5 megapixels is enough to bring you a clear and crisp picture.

Some cellphones can actually do the trick delivering quality images but for most cellphones, this is not the case. An average cellphone even at 5 megapixels or more will give you blurry, fuzzy images specially when there is too little lighting or when shooting at night. Take my foodie experience for example. If I would take out my cellphone to take shots of food I ate, for example breaded chicken from a restaurant i visited before, they would come out to look like this...


But if I just brought out a digicam to take those pictures, it would have turned out much better, like this picture of caesar salad a just ate in another restaurant.


Simply put, there are certain cases cellphones don't deliver when it comes to digital imaging. And this is where Canon digicams shine. And that is why what I want for Christmas is a Canon digital camera. Canon digicams, even the point-and-shoot ones deliver better image quality and overall sharpness compared to the other gadgets available in the market.

So if this is the case for simple food experiences, why rely on cellphones for more important occasions such as birthdays, weddings, awarding ceremonies and the like? For me I would rather have a Canon to take out of my pocket and capture those all-important memories, not to mention my cravings for food.

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