Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Yahoo MeMe loot bag!

I got a special prize from Yahoo! Philippines MeMe of the Week 1. It is a loot bag full of Yahoo! goodies. Unfortunately, I was not able to win the iPod Nano, but the people from Yahoo gave me this "special prize" instead.

Special thanks to the guys at Yahoo! Philippines.

What's in the loot bag?

ballpen and notebook - tamang-tama, pang back-to-school...

id necklace - another one for my collection...

isang malaking rubber yahoo logo... para sa earphones (earphones not included)

a Yahoo! stresscube?

my new sweatgear... tamang-tama pamapapawis sa summer...

Yahoo! May bago akong t-shirt!

Thanks for all these new stuff given by Yahoo! Philippines!

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