Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Love and Marriage. May Forever ba? My personal experience in keeping a lasting marriage.

I have been married to my wife for six years. That being said, at the time I got married, I thought that as long as you keep your partner happy, our marriage would go smoothly just like the saying "Happy wife, happy life."

The "Wash"-band

After six years of our marriage, I know now that it takes even more than that.

When we were newly wed, I thought that she was the ideal person to be with. She would be the perfect partner to assist me with my personal affairs like looking after the house. Soon enough though, as in the next day, I began to realize that there are certain things that she would not be able to help out with at all. Just like washing dishes and doing the laundry.

I found out that she had very sensitive hands. Dishwashing soap and detergents easily scar her hands while she washes. There was no other choice but for me to do them myself. Right there, I  became the official family "wash"-band.

off to the wash room...

But there is more to the story...

My wife is also very sensitive when it comes to the scent of her clothes. Once, I hurriedly washed the uniforms so I won't miss my favorite show. In my mad scramble to finish, I put too little detergent in my washing machine. The result? When she inspected the armpit area (by sniffing it) she got so furious she ordered me to wash it again this time with twice the amount of detergent, and make sure that her uniform dries up in time for ironing.

And there was this one time, I had to wash a bulk of household clothes, but it was raining non-stop for days. I had no choice but to hang them inside the house after washing. But because we lived in a small condo unit with a small window, our clothes couldn't dry up well. My wife, knowing her clothes would smell bad, told me, like she always does, to wash the clothes again, but this time asked me to use a fabric conditioner. That was first the time I tried Del fabric conditioner. After buying from a sari-sari store and using Del, my nightmare of washing them all over again were averted.

When it comes to washing, it would seem that my wife is a pain to me rather than a source of comfort. But I always think of the bright side of things. In return she's the one who fixes food for me and my son. She's the one who folds the clothes after drying, the one who then irons all our clothes. The one who takes care of my son when I'm not around, and helps me out it some of my projects.

Keeping the wife happy with gifts may be one aspect of a happy marriage but that's not all. Because no matter how much we spend on gifts, dates, food trips or vacations, nothing matters if husband and wife do not learn to compromise. Like being the "wash"-band is the role I gladly picked up to compromise for mommy being the cook and "iron"-woman, things work out for us as a family.

Lastly, for us to have a happy marriage, we should also try to do things differently, to keep things interesting,  and keep the love going. Following Team Kramer,  I found out that they are also using Del to keep their clothes mabango all day with Del Forever Joy and Love.

So, lately, I tried out Del Forever Joy and Del Forever Love in my latest wash routines. I also let my son help me with the laundry. He helps me hang the clothes after every batch of clothes I wash. Then I let my wife give a sniff inspection to know if she likes it, and boy it really does smell great! After all, Del Forever Joy and Love now has 15x longer lasting bangooooo vs a regular detergent brand based on consumer tests in Metro Manila.

trying out Del Forever Love and Forever Joy

Daddy's little helper

Keeping a long-lasting marriage is extremely difficult at times, and so is learning to compromise. But for me, Forever Love and Forever Joy is not really about "me". It should be about my spouse, and how to make her feel loved just like the Lord who loves us and made our marriage possible.

Team Delima, happily together for six years and counting!

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