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From OH NO! to OTTO Waterless Urinals

This is a true story I would like to share. Just a couple of nights ago, something 'irregular' happened. Just before bedtime, I went to the bathroom to do my regular toilet routine. I already brushed my teeth earlier, so it was time for me to urinate one last time. Only after pressing the flush button did I find out something was amiss.

OH NOOOOO!!! NO FLUSH! Our water tank went empty.

I never expected that we would run out of water in the middle of the night. I wondered 'what the hell happened?'. Our helper always made sure the tank is filled at the end of the day. I'm also pretty sure we were prompt on paying the monthly water bill. And since it's already the rainy season, water shortage is less likely to happen.

this is a simple skit I made based on my previous waterless experience...

The following morning, I found out the reason behind it. Our water connection was cut off because our neighbor 'fixed' his water problem. The plumber he hired accidentally severed our connection from the main pipe while doing his job fixing theirs.

If only we had ways to conserve more water that time. If we did, we would have enough water to last the next day. Then, I would not have to report to office without taking a bath. (lol)

Water conservation is essential to man's survival. There is no telling when we will actually run out of clean water to use. Just take my case for example.

On a larger scale, population growth in our country is on a steady rise. And while our demand for clean water increases, our supply steadily decreases. The big bad news unfortunately is that, even if strong rains bring in lots of water to our dams, our water treatment facilities that process clean water will gradually become insufficient to handle the population's growing need.

a photo I took of residents in Antipolo City, who have to go down to the mountainside to fetch water for sanitation and other personal use.

On a different perspective, while major cities in the country have ample supply of clean water, some of the rural parts of the Philippines are underdeveloped in terms of sanitation. According to statistics from the Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), around 30% of rural areas in the Philippines are still without improved sanitation facilities.

This is why we should do our part in conserving our most precious resource while promoting efficient methods of hygiene throughout the country starting with our very own bathroom. The bathroom will always be the part of our home that uses the most water - for bathing, oral hygiene and urination.

And among bathroom activities, flushing after urinating consumes the most water, perhaps around several gallons per day. Think about it. It only takes me one pail of water to take a bath each day, but each time I urinate, an amount roughly equal to a pail of water is needed to flush. An average person urinates several times a day, which translates to A LOT of clean water excessively used.

But thanks to modern bath interior developments like the OTTO waterless urinal, it is already possible to reduce excessive flushing.

What if I had an OTTO waterless urinal in my home? If I did, maybe I wouldn't have experienced my latest water inconvenience (lol). There are many advantages of having my very own OTTO waterless urinal, such as being...

P - practical - The OTTO waterless urinal allows you to maximize your savings and minimize waste of time and resources.

a) save money on water costs - Since this urinal is water saving, you get to save gallons and gallons worth of clean water.

b) easy to clean and maintain - the OTTO waterless urinal is easy to clean because of its simplicity and easily understood by the average bathroom user. It even comes with an instructional manual that is easy to follow.

c) less susceptible to mechanical failure - traditional urinals and toilets have flush valves, levers and chains that break, or rubber stoppers that wear down. When the time comes, you may have to replace them. With all the confusing gimmickry, the average person might have difficulty fixing it. Why pay for a plumber to fix something that breaks down so often? The OTTO waterless urinal has less moving parts and exposes it less to wear.

d) use re-usable cartridges - what makes OTTO waterless urinals different from other waterless urinals is that, their cartridges can be reused. Cartridges filter the urine taking away the bad odor. The downside of using them is that it has to be replaced overtime. However, OTTO waterfree urinals' cartridges can be washed and reused, allowing us to save even more!!!

E - ergonomic - With much attention to design, the OTTO waterless urinals are space savers, elegant and simple to use. Plus it's easy to install too!

E - earth-friendly - The OTTO waterless urinal allows us to preserve our precious water for more important uses, like agriculture and drinking water. Also, the biodegradable blocking fluid inside the cartridge can easily be disposed of because it is non-toxic and will decompose overtime when discarded.

Thanks to the OTTOlock designed by Filipino inventor Mr. Jerry Ong, the OTTO Waterless urinal is the most efficient waterless urinal to date. His design allows us to enjoy all these benefits because of the the OTTO Waterless urinal's reusable cartridges.

The OTTO Waterless Urinal. It's practical, ergonomic and earth-friendly: a helpful device for the average Filipino who needs to maximize his spending, minimize on waste, and save the most important resource on the planet - water.

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