Saturday, September 10, 2011

How This Shirt Changed My Life: My Shirt Story

Dear Little White Book,

My unique shirt story began in 2006, nearly 5 years ago. It all started out when I told my mom I had a relationship. That was the first time I actually had a girlfriend. Her name is Ariane. I met her in the office I currently work with for years.

It was a new chapter in my life. I had mixed feelings about all this... I was happy because I get to experience something new, and at the same time anxious on what to is next to come. I was looking forward to what might happen with my very first relationship.

One ordinary day, my mom gave me a new shirt. It was a brown Polo shirt with navy blue stripes at the collar and sleeves. Probably she gave this to me because she figured I only had a few shirts in my closet being kuripot (thrift) and all. Plus, most of my shirts are checkered polo shirts, which some of my friends say they look boring for a date. And so mom told me to use this new shirt from time-to-time whenever I go out with Ariane.

From the start, this Polo shirt for me was special.

I used this shirt the first time we went on a date to Manila Zoo. For starters, I wasn't sure if she will have a good time, or if she finds a trip to the zoo corny for her taste. Lucky for me, we had a good time together at the zoo all day!

I couldn't forget the moment when she tried to take a picture of me with the ostrich. As I posed behind the ostrich, I was unlucky enough to be pecked from behind. She laughed so hard at what happened, it made me laugh out too! Too bad the shot did not push through. Lol, maybe the ostrich just liked my shirt. What a memorable first date it was for me...

Many months went by, and as my love for Ariane flourished, so did the love for my shirt. I would wear this shirt in some of our evening dates, and on Saturdays, when we usually go out together. For me, it was a sign that things are headed for the better.

My relationship with Ariane also brought a lot of positive things in my life. During those memorable moments and life changes, my shirt was also there with me.

I wore my favorite shirt when I received recognition for perfect attendance from the company I work with. I received this on February 2007. Somehow my new relationship inspired me to do more and improve myself.

Aside from improving how I work, I revived my passion in joining contests. I was a contest enthusiast even before we met, and I just gave up due to lack of interest. Because of her, I was inspired to join contests once more. Every now and then, I join different kinds contests, some of them I actually won. To make me feel more confident, I also wear my lucky shirt. Here are some instances where I wore my shirt in some of the most memorable contests I joined.

I joined a popular eating contest and made my way to the finals! I was lucky enough to be featured in a photo and article on the Philippine STAR.

I joined an online blog and design contest the first time I opened this personal blog Journey of no FERA. In this contest I featured my lucky shirt that depicts my personality. The artwork I designed is featured below...

And with God's grace, my inspiration and my lucky shirt, I won the contest prize and got featured in a respectable Technology blog.

The assemblage art contest we joined in July 2008 was the most memorable for us. For Ariane and I, it was the most difficult and challenging to do because it took us a lot of effort and sleepless nights to come up with a competitive entry. Our entry was exhibited along with the other entries that made it before the deadline.

On the last day of the exhibit, wearing my lucky shirt, we waited for the result to be announced. We were both tense at the outcome because we really put in a lot of effort making our contest piece...And finally the winner was announced. Our entry was chosen to win the first prize! It was a very defining moment for us because all our hardwork and effort was rewarded. Wearing my favorite shirt, I represented the both of us in claiming the prize.

With all the memories of the adventures the two of us experienced, my shirt made me feel like a real winner, through and though, but there is more to the story I share to you, oh Little White Book. I realized that all the wonderful things that have happened wouldn't have been without Ariane, who has inspired me to make the most out of life. And without the gift my mother gave me one ordinary day, maybe our love story would have not turned out to be.

Thanks to this wonderful gift: the shirt my mom gave to me, my life is headed in a new direction. After almost 5 years of being together, through ups and downs, trials and victories, I will finally be closing this chapter and opening a new one.

We will be getting married soon. It must have been fate that we met, and I am lucky that like my shirt, she stuck with me through thick or thin through the years. And also, I thank you mom for giving me this shirt which allowed me to be closer to the person most special to me.

I am looking forward to the next important chapter of my life. Even though I know married life will be filled with all new adventures and challenges, I will never forget the wonderful times I had with my lucky, special Polo shirt I often wore together with Ariane, the person I will cherish all my life.

Sincerely yours,

rdnofera, the Contest Pirate

P.S. Dear Little White Book, I know my letter to you is also a contest entry for My Shirt Story sponsored by Electrolux. If ever I win this contest, my shirt will be donated to those who need it more. Even though it pains me to part with this shirt because I love this shirt so much, and it has so much sentimental value, I am still willing to give it away. This favorite shirt was given to me, and it gave me a lot of blessings including contest prizes, awards and my soon-to-be wife. Hopefully if ever I donate this, may he or she receive this shirt with open arms along with many more blessings ahead.

I love this shirt! Now I want someone else to love it too! I support the Electrolux Wash-athon Clothes Donation Advocacy.

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