Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pocari Sweat Dance Contest

Join the Pocari Sweat Dance Contest and your group can get a chance to win as much as 100,000 pesos cash! Runner-ups will also receive cash prizes.

This contest is open to Filipino male/female/mixed groups aged 16 to 25 years residing in NCR or CALABARZON area only.

To join:

Interested groups should be composed of a minimum of five (5) members up to a maximum of seven (7) members (all male/female or mixed, Filipino, 16 to 25 years of age, residing in NCR and CALABARZON Area) are qualified to join.

To participate in the Pocari Sweat Dance Contest, interested and qualified groups must comply with the following:

A. Accessing the Fan Page and Becoming a Fan:

A representative of the group should have a valid an existing account in Facebook, where they need to access the Pocari Sweat Fan Page (only one representative per group should register) via:

i. Typing in: on the URL or Pocari Sweat Dance Contest on the search bar, to visit the fan page.
ii. Once there, users should click the "LIKE" button to access the Pocari Sweat Dance Contest Facebook Page

iii. Make sure to read the full mechanics and register to join

iv. A representative of the group may only register a group once and submit the following via the Pocari Sweat Dance Contest Application Registration Page:
- Group Name
- Name of Group Representative(*the first person in the list of group members)
- Full name of group members
- Address of all group members
- Birthdates of all group members
- Contact number of all group members
- Valid e-mail address of all group members

B. Create a Video

Download the 1-minute Pocari Sweat jingle from the Pocari Sweat Facebook Fan Page.
Create your own choreography and show off your best dance moves. At the end of the dance, the video should show your group drinking Pocari Sweat for at least 10 seconds.

Upload the video

i. Participants should register on the Facebook Fan Page Application and click the Upload Video Tab. A representative from Otsuka Pharmaceuticals will screen the video first to prevent offensive and/or sexual content before uploading the video on the Facebook Dance Contest App. The following information must be submitted on the Facebook Dance Contest app registration page:

- Name of group
- Name of representative of group
- Address
- Representative's contact number(s) and email address
- The group's name should also be labeled, as a caption on the video page.

ii. Submission of videos will be from Friday 12:00PM to Friday 11:59AM of the following week (see attached table).

iii. Video file must be in .wav, .mov, .flv, .avi or .mp4 format.

iv. Share your post (video in the fan page) to your profile page by tagging your name. (e.g. @name) in the field before clicking "Share" so the entry is submitted. Entries not successfully posted to the fan page and shared with your name tagged are not qualified. Double check the fanpage and your profile page to make sure your entry has been posted in both pages. Likers will be directed to the voting section of the app to "like" for their chosen entry in order to prevent duplication of likes. Only the likes posted in each entry in the app shall be considered as valid votes.

v. Ask your friends to "like/vote" your video. However, that will not be the sole determinant of the contest. (See Criteria for Judging). Voting/"Liking" will be for a period of 1 week (Friday 12PM to Friday 11:59AM of the following week)(please refer to attached table). A screenshot will be captured for each video at 11:59AM to capture the number of "likes/votes" on the voting section of the app.

For complete mechanics: click here...

Criteria for judging:

Choreography - Refers to the Creativity, Incorporation of Pocari Sweat Drinking portion (30%)
Over-All Impact - Refers to the Participant's Costume, Showmanship, Confidence, Freshness (20%)
Number of Facebook Likes/Votes - Refers to the total number of Facebook Fan Likes/Votes (30%)
Expression - Refers to Group interaction, Show of natural fun (20%)

TOTAL 100%

Contest prize:

Grand Prize Winner P100,000 cash
1st Runner-up Winner P50,000 cash
2nd Runner-up Winner P30,000 cash

One (1) Weekly Winner x 12 weeks- Pocari Sweat Items worth Php1,500.00 + P10,000 cash (3 cases of Pocari Sweat 350mL; 72 bottles x P22 = Php1,584.00)

* Every Friday, starting from August 12 to December 02, 2011, the group participant with the highest score, based on the criteria will be chosen as the Weekly Winner, and will instantly win a Pocari Sweat Items worth Php1,500 + P10,000 cash.

- if you can convert your video to .FLV format, uploading on Facebook or Youtube will be faster as compared to other video formats, based on my experience.
- last day to submit your entry is on December 2, 2011 but submit earlier so that you can get more votes. More votes = better chances of winning (30% of criteria).

For more information on this contest, head over to Pocari Sweat Philippines on Facebook. Check out the contest microsite too.

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