Sunday, February 24, 2013

PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for me is…

The Anna Banana series is one of PLDT myDSL's recent commercials that has gained popularity in television and through social media like YouTube. The popularity of this series even generated an online contest on who will be the next Anna Banana.

For a quick rundown on what the Anna Banana series is all about, here are the previous Anna Banana commercials posted on YouTube.

It all started with a song made by Derek Lorenzo posted for Anna Banana on YouTube...

Derek’s Anna Banana Song

But it turns out Anna does not feel for Derek's move...

Derek got busted

Fortunately, the family is behind Derek to cheer him up and find a new Anna. Through an extensive online contest, a new Anna Banana is found.

Aria is the new Anna Banana!

And in the latest installment, Aria is now considered a part of Derek's family helping them search for their lost dog...

Booster, the Lost Dog

Family bonding for me is an important activity that helps build family ties. Going on outings together, having family reunions and simple routines like praying together before meals makes the family grow closer. And in this modern information age, family bonding can also be done by using the internet. Even if members of the family are far apart, we can still grow closer online in many ways like through chat by sharing our thoughts, and our everyday happenings through our shared photos and videos.

But family bonding is not always about the good times.

Sometimes family bonding is also expressed even in the worst of times. In the Anna Banana series, it is the son, Derek, who was feeling down. And his family, after learning what happened, cheered him up after his stunt to to win Anna's favor did not turn out well.

Come to think of it, that episode of Anna Banana reminded me I also had my own share of downs. From having a failure in a major test when I was still a student to having money problems when my wife had complications with giving birth to my first child, my family was always there to back me up.  They were the first ones to console me when things get rough. They were there to help so that I can quickly recover from my problems. I knew I can always count on them when the odds were against me. It was that episode of Anna Banana I can deeply relate to.

We all had our downs in life but it is our family who reminds us that even if we are down, we definitely are not out. That is why for me, the 2nd Anna Banana commercial brings out the best of family bonding. Mother, father and little sister showing our protagonist Derek, consoling him, and reminding him that everything will turn out all right despite it all.

To know more about the happenings on the Lorenzo family in the next Anna Banana release, you may subscribe to the PDLT myDSL Anna Banana YouTube Channel (

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