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Life in Taborea: A brief history

In order to appreciate Runes of Magic, a little background of the game can spark some interest. I have read some of the details found in Runes of Magic, and here is my interpretation of the story...

Taborea was once a book of recorded plant and animal life but today, myths and legends now exist. The god Ayvenas created this book where he recorded the origins of life. From his wishes came forth the world and heavens of Taborea. Despite this achievement, he still felt lonely - thus he molded clay and formed it into the first life forms.

Ayvenas noticed that his creations were very weak and had no knowledge to protect themselves. And so, he wrote incarnations of himself through envoys into Taborea to teach skills and abilities. Not before long, the life forms learned and banded together according to their traits and characteristics - the world's races were born.

One day, Ayvenas imagined "what if Taborea became imbalanced?" His unconscious idea affected the peoples of Taborea. Because of their differences, some people banded together for peace while others fought amongst each other. Ayvena's elementals - the guardians of balance, mixed with different creatures, which spawned magical beings, dragons being the most powerful. The envoys he sent to teach his people started having consciousness of their own. This was the age of myths.

When Ayvenas realized that he was no longer in control, he decided to rip Taborea's pages of the future. He intended that the future of Taborea will be shaped by his people, but his envoys did not realize his intentions at first. They tried to restore the torn pieces, but later realized Ayvena's plan. Soon they were recalled by Ayvenas and the age of myths came to an end.

Without the envoys, the peoples of Taborea were left to fend for themselves. Soon, they banded together, and nations were formed. The humans were the fastest to develop and had great knowlege of the runes - they were known as the Ancient kingdoms.

The great knowledge of the Ancient Kingdoms could not contain man's greed. Soon, wars began to escalate. This was the time dragons and elementals were enslaved by man to secure their kingdoms' victory - this was known as the War of Balanzasar. Eventually the dragons and elementals were able to break free from their chains and brought down retribution to man (divine punishment). After that, these mystic beings fled to other lands never to be found.

Even though mans' control over the mystical beings were no more, that did not stop them from continuing their wars. And so, the stonger nations' leaders used the runes to transform their bodies into powerful beings called daemons (demons). Because of their great power, they became indifferent and oppressive to man. This was the Age of Chaos.

The demons' oppression to man became the stepping stone to a new alliance. Weaker nations banded together to ovethrow the corrupt demons. This alliance caused a great war, and eventually mankind won and the demons were banished to the "World of the Void". Only a tenth of mankind survived this ordeal.

A brief Epoch of Peace followed. The peoples of Taborea were now united against demonkind. But not all the demons were banished, some were able to flee to unknown lands. In order to secure peace, the humans developed gigantic stone statues out of the most powerful magic. Emotionless monsters with free will and intellect, they were called "guardians".

However, the "guardians" one day concluded that the real threat to Taborea was humankind, and decided to annahilate them. Since man did not have any power to stop the guardians, the ancient people had no choice but to flee to other lands. This was the Epoch of Storm.

The unrelenting "guardians" hunted down the humans to the ends of the world. However, in their quest to other lands, they encountered the dragons and elementals, who considered them the threat to the world. The mand-made guardians were no match for the mystical creatures and one by one, they were destroyed. Other "guardians" were lost in their hunt and eventually fell into slumber.

The peoples of the ancient civilization lost everything after being driven away by their creations - their home, their knowledge of magic and machines... as if they were defenseless like in the beginning of time. This was the time of great fear - the Epoch of Darkness.

The survivors of the Epoch of Storm migrated to another continent called Kolydia. There, the peoples lived in simple tribes and came to be known as barbarians. They had no knowledge of runes and learning magic was slow. Machinery was a staple in everyday life. Soon, the tribes developed into nations, and the power of the runes were slowly being discovered. As technology progressed, the power of transporting to different regions of the world were once again unlocked. Fast paced transportation allowed knowledge of lost magics to be harnessed once more.

Today, Taborea is on the Age of Discovery.

P.S. For more info about the game, you may visit Runes of Magic website. All images belong to e-games and Runes of Magic. I do not claim rights nor ownership of the said material.

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