Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The 7th Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards

To all young marketeers who are up to this challenge, the The 7th Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards for 2011 is open for nominations.

The competition aims to recognize the brilliance of young marketing achievers and inspire other young people to become innovative brand builders. This is open to Filipino Citizens 35 years and below, with at least 2 full years of service with the company at the time of nomination.

Objectives of the Awards:

- To recognize and honor young achievers who excel in marketing
- To encourage and inspire young people to be innovative and excellent brand builders
- To help pave the way for a marketing-oriented Philippine society


The Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards is open to Filipino citizens, 35 years young and below (before the end of the year of nomination), with at least 2 full years of service with the company at the time of nomination.

The marketing & sales category is open to marketing & sales achievers who may be called marketing manager, brand manager, trade marketing manager, account manager, sales manager, business development manager and the like who have not only improved the company standing better than competitors but have also done so while building the brand in a sustainable manner.

The entrepreneur category is open to one who is owner/part-owner of an enterprise and is the main catalyst of the business. The ideal nominee must have started an innovative enterprise, which can either be a new product category or an enhanced product category, challenging the status quo of the industry.

Industries may fall under the following...
- Account Management
- Advocacy Marketing
- Brand Management
- Business Development
- Category Management
- Customer Development
- Events Marketing
- Marketing Communication
- Promotional Marketing
- Entrepreneurial Marketing
- Marketing Management
- Sales Management
- Retail Marketing
- Trade Marketing

- Others (nominee to specify)


There will be a set of independent judges (who are recognized experts in marketing) to be invited to determine the winner of each industry.

For those who are interested, or if you know someone who can qualify for this contest, you may do the following...

For online applications, you may nominate a candidate by filling up the application form found on this link...

Nominations can also be sent via fax at (632) 722-2318 or 412-0034.

You may also submit a supplemental clear book evidencing achievement with a maximum of 20 pages only with your signature in every page. Send this to...

Mansmith and Fielders,
14 Ilang-ilang St.,
Waters Center, New Manila,
Quezon City 1112 Philippines

The Deadline for submission of nominations is on October 31, 2011.

For more information about the contest, you may visit the YMMA Website at You may also send your e-mail for inquiries at or call up at the following numbers: (02) 5840-5858 / (02) 584-8989.

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