Monday, October 31, 2011

My Lipton Yellow Tea-Licious Possibility!

My wife and I just moved to a condo unit I rented near our workplace, and boy our cramped studio was waaaaay too hot for comfort! The weather was humid these past few days, and it was quite annoying that our electric fan couldn't quite cool us down.

I guess it's time to treat ourselves with some halo-halo, but we didn't have any condensed milk around. So we tried to refresh ourselves with something else... something uniquely different. So I thought, "How about tea?"

I have been a fan of tea since way back when. Its unique taste and appeal I discovered the first time I got a chance to eat with my parents in one of those Chinese restaurants in Ongpin that serve FREE house tea as we wait for our food to be served. Tea soothes the senses and calms the mind.

And as I discovered LIPTON Yellow Label Tea, its taste and aroma reminded me of real tea Chinese restaurants often serve.

Going back to me and my wife's predicament, since I had Lipton Yellow Tea with me, I thought of enjoying it to beat the heat. And, I came up with my simple concoction - The Yellow Tropical Delight!

"Yellow Tropical Delight" is relatively fun and simple to do.

To make the "Yellow Tropical Delight", all I need are the following ingredients:

- LIPTON Yellow Label Tea
- sugar
- water
- ice

- Mixture of different fruits. Here, I used some...
- Bananas
- Papaya
- Mango
* You may use other fruits as well, preferably soft and sweet. You may try plums, jackfruit, pineapple, etc.

- and chocolate syrup

Here are the steps to prepare "Yellow Tropical Delight":

Step 1: Prepare the LIPTON Yellow tea
- Get a tea bag of LIPTON Yellow tea and dip it in hot water. Dip the bag three times slowly, to bring out the flavor and aroma. Hot water is best used for this process because with it, tea dissolves faster and better.

Step 2: Prepare the fruits to be used
- Slice the fruits you prefer tho use with LIPTON Yellow Tea. I used bananas, papaya and mangoes for my concoction. Slice the fruits in bite size bits for maximum enjoyment!

I brought out some bananas and sliced it across giving me circular banana bits.

Then I got some papaya from a nearby convenience store and sliced into smaller pieces to be used for our recipe.

Lastly, I got some mangoes and sliced it into little cubes. Slice the mango the "normal" way, by cutting it into 3 parts, isolating the seed in the middle. Then get one of its sides and slice the inside in a grid-like manner. Be careful not to slice all the way through the mango peel. After doing this, scoop out the cut out mango cubes.

Step 3: Add sugar
- Put sugar into the LIPTON Yellow Tea and stir

Step 4: Cool down the Yellow Tea
- Fruits are best enjoyed when served cold. To cool down the LIPTON Yellow Tea, you may add a little ice into the mix. Crushed or shaved ice is best for this purpose.

Step 5: Mix in the sliced fruits
- Put the fruits you prepared into the LIPTON Yellow Tea. Mix well.

Step 6: Add chocolate
- You may add chocolate syrup on top of the fruits in your LIPTON Yellow Tropical Delight!

This sweet concoction made me and my wife's day truly exciting because we both love fruits, and adding LIPTON Yellow Tea into the mix is a surefire way to enjoy our favorite fruits and the health benefits of tea at the same time! And not to mention we were able to beat the heat with a cool tea cocktail. That is why LIPTON for me is all about:

L - Living well,
I - Inspiring
P - People to
T - Tea
O - Often
N - Naturally.

LIPTON Yellow Tea is truly a great way to beat the heat! It surely made our day! Specially with my "Yellow Tropical Delight", it's simple to do, delicious, its ingredients are easily available and it's very affordable to make. Thanks to this unique sweet and tangy health brew, we were able to make our day more enjoyable!

This is my entry to the LIPTON Reel Possibilities contest. Deadline is today, October 31, 2011. For more information about this blog contest, feel free to visit LIPTON Philippines on Facebook.

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