Sunday, February 28, 2016

I'm Back!!!

Hi all! I have not updated this blog for quite a long time now. After two years of not updating, a lot of things have happened. Change of priorities and interests, family matters... etc. Now I am back I am hoping to revive this blog and hopefully I can return to the world of contests and promos.

I also would like to state that it seems that contests are much fewer now compared to two years before. Contests are a lot of fun and I still hope sponsors would still use contests to promote their brand and at the same time foster competitiveness and goodwill to all those who would like to try out contests.

For the newbies to contests, I would like you to know that winning contests are very hard but if you do win, it is also very fulfilling. And even if we don't win contests it is a really good way to develop skills and self esteem.

To all contest enthusiasts good luck and happy treasure hunting. :)

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