Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moda Plus Model Search

Filipina beauties out there, here is your chance to become a real fashion model. Moda Plus is looking for their next top model - The Moda Plus Model Search! The winner of this contest will be the next official model for Moda Plus.

This contest is open to all females (there is no indication that she should be Filipino) that have a Facebook account, and is a fan of the official MP-FB page as well as a friend of the MP Model Search Page (personal page)

Contest Mechanics from the contest page:

1. The Moda Plus Onine Model Search is announced and launched via the Moda Plus Facebook site
2. Candidates must have a FB account and become a fan of the official MP-FB page as well as a friend of the MP Model Search Page (personal page)
3. Candidates must post on the wall of the MP Model Search FB with a maximum of three (3) profile shots of themselves alongside details (Full Name, Contact Number, Email, Occupation, Company, Age, Vital statistics).
4. Before posting, verification must be done to ensure validity of entry. Each applicant must submit only one entry or else disqualify herself from the Search.
5. The MP Model Search FB serves as the official INBOX of all entries.
6. The entries are then posted onto the wall of the official MP-FB fanpage.
7. The entries are posted to generate votes in the form of "Likes".
8. The top 8 entries with the most number of "Likes" are the finalists.
9. From 8 Finalist, Management will select top 3 as winners and new image models of Moda Plus.

Steps to join:

1. Send in 3 full body photos of yourself via our Moda Plus INBOX (private message us!)
2. Include the following details:
3. Moda Plus staff verify entries to ensure validity of entry (only one entry per person).
4. Accepted entries are posted onto the wall of the Moda Plus FANPAGE.
5. The most number of "LIKES" qualify as the top entries and finalists.
6. Three winners are picked from the finalists.

The contest will start on June 21, 2010 and will end on August 15, 2010.

Personal Note: If you plan to join and win this make sure you tell all your friends you joined because to win, you must be able to make it to the top eight contestants with the highest number of votes/likes.

To get to know more about this contest, please visit the Moda Plus Facebook page or the Moda Plus Search contest page.

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