Friday, December 2, 2011

1st PinoyBBDev App Challenge 2011

For those who know how to develop applications on smartphones, this contest might be for you. Join the 1st PinoyBBDev App Challenge 2011 and get a chance to win a Blackberry Bold 9990 plus cash and other giveaways, and most importantly the prestige of being one the best mobile developers in the country. Prizes also await the runner-ups.

This contest is open to all Filipino developers, teams and organizations, and should be members of PinoyBBDev. You may register online to be a member.

Contest Mechanics and Guidelines:


1) The competition is open to all Filipino developers, teams or organizations.

2) Individual developers must be a member of the Philippine BlackBerry Developer Group (PinoyBBDev). In case of teams or organizations, at least one (1) member of its development team should be a PinoyBBDev member.
*To be a member in PinoyBBDev, register here

3) Participants must have a BlackBerry AppWorld Account.
*To upload in AppWorld, you need an AppWorld Vendor Account. You can create one here. It’s free.

Application Requirements:

1) The app must be submitted in BlackBerry AppWorld(on or before Dec 21, 2011).
2) Both existing and new apps can be submitted as entries.
3) It doesn’t matter if you publish it as free or paid apps.
4) You can use any of supported platforms for BlackBerry smartphones (Java or WebWorks+HTML5) and BlackBerry PlayBook (Native SDK C/C++, Adobe AIR or WebWorks+HTML5)

Criteria for Judging:

1) Uniqueness – there are lot’s of applications in the AppWorld so there’s a chance that there’s already an application in AppWorld similar to yours. Try to make it unique as possible.

2) Excellent user experience and appropriate UI – try to make your application user friendly.

3) Stickiness – try to come up with an application that will make the users/subscribers use it more often.

4) Exhibits SOLOMO (SOcial, LOcal and MObile) is a plus! – Try to include a social component and make the content local. This is not required but will give you a bonus point for this.

5) Use of BBM SDK and Location API is a plus! – Try to integrate messaging and location functionality in your application to get bonus points as well.

Prizes at stake:

1st prize - BlackBerry Bold 9900 + Cash + Carousel at AppWorld for a month

2nd Prize - BlackBerry Playbook 32GB + Cash + Carousel at AppWorld for a month

3rd prize - BlackBerry Bold 9780 + Cash + Carousel at AppWorld for a month


- Deadline for submission is on December 21, 2011.
- you need to be a member of Register online here...
- you need to upload your entry via your Blackberry Appworld Account. Opening an account is free.

Check out the official blog post about this contest on the blog site. If you have questions, feel free to send an email at /

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