Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angel Kremdensada Caroling

If you have kids aged  4 to12 years old, you may want to let them try out Angel Kremdensada Caroling contest and let them get a chance to win their very own iPad 2! All you have to do is submit a video of them singing the Kremdensada carol.

This contest is open to children aged 4 to 12 years old and Philippine residents.

Who Can Join/ Who Can Send Entries

Mag-Angel Kremdensada Caroling! Contest is for kids, ages 4-12 years old, residents of the Philippines, and fans of the ILoveAngelMilk Fanpage. Be a fan by clicking the "Like" button of said page.

• All entries must be made with adult supervision.
• All entries must be registered through a valid Facebook account.

How to Join

a) Log on to www.facebook.com/iloveangelmilk
b) Be fans of the ILoveAngelMilk Facebook Fanpage by clicking "Like" button on the said page.
c) Navigate to the Angel Kremdensada Caroling Promo App and click on the Mechanics Tab of the Angel Kremdensada Caroling Promo Page to view mechanics.

Contest Mechanics

1. Share your own rendition of the Angel Kremdensada Carol through the following:

• Video with a maximum length of 1 minute. It should be in mov, mp4, avi or wav format and must not exceed 10 MB.

• All submissions will be screened. Video statements should not contain profanity, malicious, seditious, obscene, political and religious comments/content, or statements that are derogatory to Snow Mountain Dairy Corporation or its products. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify video statements in violation of this criterion.

2. Take a video of kid/s singing the Angel Kremdensada Christmas Carol while holding an Angel Kremdensada can.

Participants may get a copy of the Lyrics of the Angel Kremdensada Christmas Carol from the Angel Milk Facebook Fanpage or from the can topper on the Angel Kremsensada cans.

Each video entry must feature at least (1) child. Each entry may feature as many children as possible.

Each video entry must feature at least (1) Angel Kremdensada can. The kids are encouraged to be creative on how to feature or hold the Angel Kremdensada can. They may use or feature the Angel Kremdensada can as a microphone, an instrument, or other creative ways

Participants may have the option to render the AK Christmas Carol in their own creative way such as:

     » sing in acapella or sing-along with the jingle
     » create dance moves
     » make use of costumes; etc.

lyrics to the Kremdensada carol... 

Angel Krermdensada
Fruit salad so easy na 
2 in 1 sulit sarap ng cream 
at ng condensed milk 

Refrain: 2... in... 1 
Sulit sarap 
Fruit salad so easy 
Angel Kremdensada 
(repeat refrain) 

For complete mechanics and guidelines for this contest, check out the Kremdensada contest page.

Contest Criteria: 
30% Singing

30% Creativity and Choreography
40% Popularity


- make sure your child contestant is holding an Angel Kremdensada can.
Deadline for video submission is on January 6, 2012, but join earlier to get more online likes / votes for better chances of winning. For more info, visit the I Love Angel Milk fan page on Facebook.

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