Thursday, December 1, 2011

HuskyStarcraft T-Shirt Design Contest

I stumbled upon Husky's Starcraft 2 Youtube channel and just found out that he is holding a T-shirt design contest. Check out his youtube video about the contest. The prize is 300 dollars via Paypal.

This contest is open to everyone worldwide.

Here are the rules for your guidance.

Email submissions to:

Winner will receive $300 via PayPal as well as a video announcing the winner.

Please remember:

2) Only use the word 'Husky'... not 'HuskyStarcraft'
3) Please keep the design friendly for websites, business cards, and Tshirts (this means fewer colors, smooth edges, high resolution etc)
4) Leave a place for a catch phrase, see the logo in the video for a basic idea.

Husky will choose the winning design.

Deadline for submission is not mentioned although Husky mentions giving a two week time frame from the moment he announced this (officially started November 26, 2011). He also mentioned though if he has found the design he is looking for, then the contest is officially closed. So submit your entry as soon as possible to for a chance to win and be featured on Husky's youtube channel.

For more questions about this contest, please visit Husky's contest post. Husky does respond to some of the reader comments.

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