Saturday, May 7, 2011

Buy Stuff Cheap or Make Money With AyosDito!

If you are a kuripot bargain hunter or an online money maker just like me, you might want to check out and try! AyosDito is an Philippine online buy and sell site which allows you to post ads for stuff you want to sell or check out stuff you want to buy at a bargain price. And what's great about this site is that you post your ads here FOR FREE!

When it comes to bargain hunting, you can look up anything under the sun with AyosDito. Here you could try finding the best prices for a car, house and lot, digital camera, even a cheap laptop computer!

Online Selling through AyosDito

I used AyosDito for selling my stuff I don't need on several occasions. Once I sold my older MP3 player through this site because I had just won myself a new one, thanks to a contest I joined. A few hours after I posted my ad on AyosDito, I already got feedback from a lot of interested parties. Soon enough, I was able to sell my old gadget at the best price possible.

Posting an ad is very easy on AyosDito. All you have to do is fill up an ad form with your personal details and the item you want to sell.

sample of ad form that you fill-up before posting your item you want to sell...

What I like about AyosDito is that you place online ads categorized by item, AND the region and city you are from. Putting in location allows buyers and sellers to filter through the multitude of ads and take into consideration only those readily within their reach.

AyosDito doesn't just cater to segunda mano selling. You can also make free ads that sell brand new items, look for applicants and even promote your services here! If you are into retail, like selling lechon for example, AyosDito is also a great way to promote your business.

Buying Online through AyosDito

If you simply want to look for the best deals possible, AyosDito is a great place to check out! A lot of online Pinoys use AyosDito to sell their stuff, which gives us, potential buyers more and better choices.

Before looking for the best deals however, one must always consider personal requirements and the capabilities of the item you consider buying. For example, on how to find cheap laptops, before making a buy, you might want to ask yourself first "What kind of laptop do I need?" Do I need a laptop that is lightweight? with fast processing speed? big LCD screen? After knowing what you need, you can weigh in your ideal laptop with other models with similar features, and their corresponding prices. AyosDito, with its neat product listings and search options, can help you make better choices.

Kuripot people like us can always save more and make more money online through buy and sell, promoting our businesses or services, even recruit people and market ourselves online all thanks to AyosDito. Check out the AyosDito website to find out more...

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