Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bow & Wow Petparazzi Photo Contest

Give your pets a chance to shine in the Bow & Wow Petparazzi Photo Contest! Join this contest and win 1 years worth of Bow & Wow products, Bow & Wow GCs, and your pet might be featured in the Bow & Wow Times magazine. Bow & Wow is a specialized pet store for dogs and cats.
To be eligible to join, you must currently own a pet dog or cat, and must be a fan of the Bow & Wow Facebook page.

To join, simply follow these steps:

1. Log in or create an account in Facebook.

2. Like BOW & WOW's Facebook page.

3. To join the contest, go to the contest homepage and click Join Now!

4. Once registered, upload your photo according to the specified bi-weekly theme.
* Theme#1: say woof or meow!
* August 9 to August 22: upload photos of pets flashing their cutest smile

* Theme#2: chow time
* August 23 to September 5: upload photos of pets enjoying their favorite food or treat

* Theme#3: perfectly pampered
* September 6 to September 19: upload photos of pets being pampered

* Special Theme: my bow & wow day out
* September 20 to September 30: upload photos of pets in the Bow & Wow store, or with their favorite Bow & Wow product

5. All photos submitted will be entered into the gallery. However, the Panel reserves the right to remove inappropriate pictures.

6. Winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:
1. Relevance to the Theme: 25%
2. Creativity: 25%
3. Votes (from users): 50%

7. Tips for winning:
1. Your entry must be creative and relevant to the week's theme.
2. Garner as much votes as you can by constantly promoting your entry in Facebook!
3. More positive, funny, and engaging comments in your entry will merit additional points.

8. A facebook user is allowed 1 entry per theme only.

9. A facebook user can vote for multiple entries however can only vote once per entry for the duration of the campaign

10. All activities should prompt user to post wall and news feeds. Additionally, a widget will be placed on user's Facebook profile page once user approves it.

11. The top 10 entries with the most number of votes after the contest period will be shortlisted and evaluated by the Bow & Wow panel. One (1) grand prize winner and three (3) consolation prize winners will be chosen.

12. Prizes for the winners will be as follows:
1. One (1) weekly winner per theme will receive a P2,500 Bow & Wow gift certificate.
2. One (1) grand prize winner will receive 1-year's worth* of Bow & Wow products, and the privilege of being on the cover of the next issue of Bow & Wow Times.
3. Three (3) consolation prize winners will also receive Bow & Wow gift certificates: P5,000 for 1st Runner Up, P3,000 for 2nd for Runner Up, and P2,000 for 3rd Runner Up.
4. Two (2) special theme winners "one (1) DOG and one (1) CAT" will receive 3-months' worth* of Bow & Wow products, and will also be featured in the next issue of Bow & Wow Times.

13. *P2,500 Bow & Wow gift certificates each month, redeemable only during the specified month.

14. Bi-weekly winners will be announced at 5:00PM on August 23, September 6, and September 20. Grand prize and consolation prize winners will be announced by end of September. Winners will be notified through:
1. Notification e-mail
2. Mobile SMS
3. Facebook fanpage announcement

15. Prizes can be claimed at the Bow & Wow stores located at the 5th Level of Shangri-la Plaza Mall or at the Lower Ground Level of Greenbelt 5. Winners must acknowledge the notification e-mail and indicate the store where they would prefer to claim their prize from.

16. Prizes may be claimed within sixty (60) days after receipt of notification. For grand prize winners, prizes may be redeemed monthly at the chosen Bow & Wow store. Failure to claim prizes during allotted period will mean that prizes will be forfeited in favor of Bow & Wow.

17. No purchase necessary to participate in this promotion.

18. Users are only allowed to submit only one photo per pet. If a user has multiple pets they are permitted to submit multiple pets as entries.

19. Users must bring their pet when claiming their prize. If winners do not have the pet for validation of authenticity of image their awarding is considered null and void.

For more info about this contest, visit the Bow & Wow Facebook Fan page.

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