Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who is My Super One?

If I ask myself, who is my Super One? Well... for me, it's hard to choose. Everyone in my family is SUPER! I mean... each family member has their own unique super powers.

My siblings are highly artistic. My sister has a lot of talent in drawing anime, while my brother is a highly skilled web developer, and can draw comic cartoons too! My parents are SUPER because they give me SUPER advise when I need it the most. My grandma too is also SUPER! She is at her 90's and she is still active and wanting to travel. I even consider my girlfriend SUPER, because she gives me the inspiration and motivation to seek the better things in life.

But if I have to choose only ONE person, that person would be no other than my father - the ULTIMATE SUPER ONE. There are several reasons why I choose him. It is because...

1. He is my first barkada
Ever since I could remember, my father is my first barkada. As a toddler growing up, we lived in a small town in Cebu City. There, he would take me out to our gimmick places... the beach in Mactan, famous landmarks like Magellan's Cross, and even big festivals like the Ati-Atihan! I remember being scared of going to those places and events at first, but because he always carried me on his shoulders, I know for sure nobody will harm me - because I'm bigger and taller than anyone! (probably riding on someone else's shoulders makes me feel like driving a super robot/tank)

swimming at sea near Mactan island

Sinulog Festival

2. He is my personal musician
I know I was a cranky kid back then. My parents often told me the story that I was difficult to feed. Before I took a spoonful of Gerber baby food, it was father's SOP to bring out the guitar and sing my favorite nursery tunes. At the same time, they let me play with the tap water running from the faucet sink. After all the conditions are met, then I take a bite. After that I would cry again to demand an encore. (kulang na lang daw itapon ako sa inis, hehehe)

dancing to the tune of ABBA

When I was two years old, I was exposed to a lot of radio music. During that time ABBA was the hit singing group. I know most of the ABBA tunes, and me and my father would dance to their music. And when I get tired of dancing, I would ask my father for an ABBA - my personal definition for this was I need to be carried. (which by the way, ABBA in Hebrew is 'father')

3. He is my playmate and 'exercise machine'
During my toddler years, I did not have much exposure to other children of my age. So it was my father who filled-in as playmate. He even made me wooden building blocks and even a kiddie kart - dubbed as the RDmobile!

presenting - the RDmobile!

For kiddie games, I remember one of his favorites - trap! The object of the game is for me to get out of his trap. He would clinch me in the legs or shoulders, and I try to wiggle out of it. Most of the time, he would let me win, but in some cases he would let me struggle with all my might. If I can't, I often cry - and he often spanks me in the ass because I did :(

4. He is my teacher and spiritual adviser
As I grew up physically, so too did my problems. Problems with friends and school were always at the top of my list. And whenever I feel down, my father is there to the rescue. He would listen to my problems, and would give me the advise i need.

helping me select my first guitar...

During my grade school, high school and even in college, I had some trouble with learning some select subjects. Somehow, I felt inferior and lacking, and made me doubt myself if I can continue. I would sometimes complain to my father that "I can't take it anymore..." But father would counter my statement with his personal story.

When my father was in grade school he joined an oratorical contest. His classmates found that idea ridiculous because they say he did not have the talent for it. And yet, my dad was able to make it all the way to the finals. His secret? Keep on trying, and always believe you can because others can do it too.

5. He is my lifesaver
I was a very forgetful student back then. There were times I left a project at home, and I would call up the house to know if I really did left it. And if I did, my father would drive all the way to school just to deliver the project I left behind.

he would drive through or wade through floods to reach me or take me home...

There were times that I was stranded in school because of flooding due to heavy rains. If my father found out I couldn't leave the school because of floods, he would charge through the floods just to get to the school gates. And because he did not want me to get sick because of flood waters, he would carry me on his back while crossing the flood waters, all the way to dry land.

Even today, if I needed his help, he is always there ready to lend a helping hand.

* Unfortunately, my SUPER ONE is not always that SUPER...

One June evening of 2010, a phone call told us of terrible news. My father was brought to the Makati Medical Center. We were all shocked at what had happened. We just found out from my uncle, who was with him when the incident happened. On that evening, my father and uncle went to a friends house. There, they had a small chat, ate a few snacks, drank a little beer, and then they left soon after. After walking a few blocks, my father suddenly collapsed! Good thing my uncle was there, and so he was immediately rushed to Makati Medical via taxi.

Makati Medical Center were my father was admitted...

He was brought immediately to the emergency room for treatment. There, the doctors found out that he had a very low blood pressure, but they were not certain of what was the cause. Because of this, the doctors speculated that it could have been due to stroke or heart attack. Fortunately there were no signs of blood clotting in my father's brain after undergoing medical checks. He was confined in the hospital for a few days for further evaluation.

A lot of things rushed into my mind... like, did I take my father too much for granted? And ...what could I do to make him all better? Seeing all this has happened, I pray that hopefully, my father will not suffer like this again.

I dedicate this to my father for always being there for me.
My father has already done a lot for me. Ever since I was a baby up to today, he was always there, and still is. I hope that one day I could return him the favor. I want to dedicate this song to my father - one of my most favorite songs. I hope readers out there could appreciate this too...

Leader of the Band by Dan Fogelberg

Father's A-okay now...
After a few days from the hospital, he has fully recovered. Nothing serious was seen, but the doctors told my father to watch out for his diet. He might be in danger of diabetes if does not control his sugar and carbohydrate intake. Have to remind him or else...

Now that everything is okay, from time-to-time, he would check up on me if I need his help. He even texted me to go home early because of typhoon Basyang. (tsk, naka-ALL CAPS pa...)

I guess that is always the way he is - always caring, always to-the-rescue, always ready to connect... My father, my ULTIMATE SUPER ONE.

P.S. This is my entry to the GLOBE SUPER ONE blog contest. To get to know more about the contest, you may visit the SUPER ONE blog contest page To know more about Globe's Super one, please visit this page...

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