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DigitalFilipino Talks About Facebook Promotion

DigitalFilipino Talks About Facebook Promotion

Last Feb 11, 2011, Digital Filipino talks about Facebook Promotion. Invited for the talk was digital specialist Mr. Leynard "Ley" Quizon.

Make Facebook Promotion Work for You
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Mr. Quizon mentioned that companies can make their presence more felt online if they simply launched a Facebook campaign.

My Views On This Topic

A. The Power of Facebook Promotions

I agree with Mr. Quizon that Facebook promotions are a very effective tool in reaching out and advertising their brand to consumers. I will take myself as an example. Since I love joining contests, I can try to search for them via google. Sadly, most of the time google search will come up with hits on contests that are already closed or past the deadline.

But with the advent of Facebook, all I have to do is look at the side bar for advertisements. Sometimes ads on contests pop up, then I check it out by jumping over to their Facebook page. Most of the time, their contests are not yet past the deadline, and if I'm lucky, I would even be one the first to find out! Just like the Minute Maid blog contest I won, Nuffnang Philippines posted about this contest but I first saw this in a Facebook ad.

B. More info from Facebook friends

Facebook promotoions can do a lot in spreading the word about a product.

If you are contest lover like me, you will also be able to find out about a contest from your fellow contestant friends (which I jokingly call my online classmates, hehe). Their Facebook status can tell you what sites they have previously visited and liked. If you follow their trail, you follow more contests and promos for you to join!

Most contests involve "liking" your entry, which also counts as your "vote". If you need a vote from a friend, you will have to ask your friend to "like" the promo page first before he or she can "like" your entry. Simply putting up a contest can drive more people to become fans of that page even though the intention is only for helping out a contestant.

C. Disadvantages of 'full' (100%) likes in contests

Some Facebook fan pages take pride in having so many fans. This may be due to sponsoring so many contests that involve 100% likes as their contest criteria. I believe a contestant will try to do everything he can to win. For 100% online voting, it would either mean asking his friends to vote, create dummy accounts, or both! Besides, creating a Facebook account is free! Still, I think companies still promote full 'like' contests partly because they are only concerned about raising the fan count. The fan count can be a reason why a fan page is popular. The disadvantage is that these promos might produce "haters" specially the contestants who did not win their contest. They will feel "cheated" specially if the persons winning these "liking" contests are the same people who won "liking" contests from other fan pages.

If you are a new company who wants to promote a brand or product and still doesn't have a website of their own, the promotions through Facebook may be one of your best options! Opening a fan page is so simple.

And when a company sets up a contest, contest and freebie people like me might see it and like the page before even joining that contest! (Who doesn't want free stuff by the way?) My "like" will attract other people to like the page, and that fan page eventually grows.

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