Monday, April 5, 2010

Clash of The Titans: Clash or Crash?

Last Saturday, I was able to watch Clash of the Titans with my gf. The eye candy visual effects in the TV trailers and the adventure of the story made me anticipate this movie. The story is about a Greek hero named Perseus who saves a city from the threat of destruction. But after watching the movie, I couldn't help but compare it to the old movie I saw a long time ago of the same title. I was a just little kid back then.

After the movie, I asked my gf if she liked it and I got a positive answer overall. The movie had a realistic-looking Kraken. (Yeah, just like the bad-ass sea creature from Pirates of the Caribbean II). The Olympian Gods do have godly-looking armor and the mythical beasts and the Argos setting give the movie a very 'Greek mythology' appeal. Still she said that the story telling could have been done better.

As for me, I feel that there are important details missed out, or changed which could have made this movie a classic.

What the hell is lacking in the movie?

WARNING: spoiler alert. Do not read this part if you still want to watch the movie...

In the movie, Perseus was given a sword (by Zeus himself) and a pegasus which mysteriously appears out of nowhere. These are trademark accessories of the hero but, if you are a fan of Greek Mythology, you might be disappointed because Perseus (Sam Worthington) lacks important pieces of Divine weaponry in his arsenal. This includes his...

a) Helm - this was given by the nymphs/dryads. Wearing this renders him invisible. Thus it was called the helmet of invisibility.

b) Shield - this was given by Athena, a highly polished shield which allowed Perseus to defeat Medusa (by not looking at her directly). In the movie, Perseus was also given a carapace-like shield, but not by the gods.

c) winged sandals - based on classical myth, Perseus used this to fly. Other versions of the tale say Perseus rode Pegasus to fly. It would would have been great to show both in the movie.

Heck, Perseus should be more equipped if he wants to challenge Kraken and the gods. This, by the way, is the whole point of the story.

The story writers may have added some story elements to make this movie more appealing to a wide audience. Some include their scorpion-battling adventure, and a Protoss cross Undead hybrid character (from Starcraft and Warcraft video game, with glowing blue eyes) who joins them in the middle of the story. See the movie to know what I mean...

In my opinion, the story could have been more 'astig' (awesome) if the screen writers would try to base original plot points of the literature rather than re-inventing the story and characters. Plus, it would be better if they delivered memorable lines ala 300 (the movie). Don't take it from me, take it from Kratos (God of War - Playstation II)

Pardon me for mentioning a video game character, but I think the developers of that game made more research on Greek mythology than the ones who made this modern adaptation. At least here, Perseus (on God of War II) was more equipped, and still that wasn't enough against our PS II hero,


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