Saturday, April 24, 2010

Samsung Netbook Clique Savvy Poll Raffle Promo

Want to win a new Samsung Netbook? Get lucky with Samsung Netbook Clique Savvy Poll Raffle Promo. There are two ways to win! You may either join the online voting or submit/upload a photo or video entry via Youtube link. If you submitted an entry that gets the highest number of votes, you also get to win the prize!

To join...

1. Register to join the Samsung Netbook Clique Savvy Poll Raffle Promo and get a chance to win a Samsung Netbook.

2.Select a category which you wish to upload Hot and Cool (photo or video via youtubelink) entries for:
a. Fashion
b. Sports
c. Music
d. People
e. Places

3. Fill in the Hot and Cool text fields to tell us why you think the photos/videos are Hot and Cool.

4. Submit entry and wait for confirmation via email. Confirmed entries will be posted within a 24 hour period.

5. Submission of entries is from April 20 to June 20, 2010.

To know more about this promo from Samsung, you may click here to view the full mechanics.

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