Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wacom Kids and Animals Photo Contest

Wacom Asia has another photo contest - The Wacom Kids and Animals Photo Contest! It does'nt matter if you're a pro or beginner... this contest is worth a try!

All you have to do is submit a photo of either kids, animals or both!

Winning entry for the previously concluded Wacom Smiles Photo Contest

Contest Period: 16th Apr - 31st May, 2010 (ends 11:59 pm, Tokyo time)

The contest has two categories, namely:

a) digital photo competition
Simply take a photo or either children, animals, or both, then submit it to our contest. Some post-production such as lighting adjustment is allowed, but please try to maintain the original photograph as much as possible.

b) photo Collage Competition
Make a photo collage featuring children, animals, or both in a scrapbook style. For this category, please feel free to include text or handwritten messages as well as other scrapbook elements.

Both categories need to have a reduced resolution of 72 dpi before submitting the entries.

The prize is a Wacom tablet for each category.

To know more about the contest, you may visit the Wacom-Asia contest page.

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