Monday, April 26, 2010

The LG Cookie: Cooking up the The New Batch

LG is cooking up a fresh new batch of Cookie phones for us tech-hungry Cookie Monsters! Because of the success of the KP500 the previous year, newer and more advanced versions will be coming out to the market pretty soon.

What sets the LG Cookie apart from the competition is that this touch screen phone is jam-packed with many advanced features at very reasonable prices.

Last year, I won a KP500 Cookie Phone, the first Cookie phone, through an online contest. I took my time experimenting with the phone's features like the touch screen and camera features. Overall, I liked the responsive touch screen the LG Cookie has to offer. The 3 megapixel camera under good lighting conditions can produce pretty good quality images.

The Cookie phone has a 'drawing' application where you could use the phone's stylus and doodle your way to pass the time. My sister borrowed my phone once and made some sketches. The Cookie touch screen really has very good pressure sensitivity.

The KP500 Cookie phone has a 3 megapixel camera that can record still images and video. A shutter button found at the side of my KP500 makes it handy for snap-shooting.

Here are some of my photos...

Aside from the regular phone features (calling and texting), other features include bluetooth connectivity, applications for games, music, watching video, and some web browsing applications. My KP500 also includes an FM radio in case you don't have music tracks stored in your phone's memory.

Volume control buttons on the side plus earphones make the Cookie an elegant music player.

Unfortunately, the KP500 does not have wi-fi features (for free internet connectivity). But, with the upcoming Cookie model "Cookie Wi-Fi", that feature will already be included.

Watch out for these new Cookie models fresh from LG! - the Cookie Pop, The Cookie Ultima and the Cookie Wi-Fi! Prices range between 8,990 to 10,990 PHP.

To sum up this article, my final word is... Uhm Yum! Yum! COOKIE!!!!

P.S. To know more about the new LG Cookie series, you may visit the LG Facebook fan page (myLifesGoodPH) or The LG Philippines website (

LG - Life is Good!

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