Monday, April 19, 2010

Introducing: Rendezvous

Can't find something new to replace your all-too-familiar song list? Then have no fear, Rendezvous is here!

Rendezvous is an electronica / jazz band that is starting to make waves in the mainstream music scene. 5 Years ago, the band members Hagai Izenberg and Itai Simon, were only able to come up with only three tracks for public listening. However, these three tracks became very popular when they uploaded them on the internet. As of today, they were already able to acquire 600,000 hits on Youtube, and the number still rising!

Hagai Izenberg on piano

Itai Simon on guitar

Their music genre can be classified as both electronica and jazz. When one talks about "jazz", what first comes into mind is that of piano music, "the blues" and classy saxophone music, while "electronica", we instantly think of lively synthetic sound effects, electronic keyboards, (probably new wave?), etc. If music were food, maybe we could compare it like say... blending peanut butter on pizza?

Still, Rendezvous is able to combine two totally different genres and blend them together seamlessly, which will definitely appeal to today's generation. I took the liberty of listening to their tracks, and overall, I was impressed. Making two genres meet and make them blend isn't an easy feat. Their music is a totally different experience - spontaneous yet intelligent. Their three tracks namely: Incognito, No Man's Land and So What have given Rendezvous lots of praise from fellow musicians and fans alike in the music scene.

Rendezvous - improvising on Blues In Space during recording session break...

Rendezvous experimenting on their music for their upcoming 1st album

If you're familiar with Pink Floyd's psychedelic style of music, you might want to give this band's music a listen. Rendezvous has a lot to offer when it comes to re-inventing jazz and electronica.

Since Rendezvous is coming out to the mainstream music world, watch out for their first album to be released this year (2010) in the Philippines .

To sum it up, Rendezvous, a band that combines the class of jazz and the euphoria of electronica have created a genre of its own.

To know more about Rendezvous, you may visit them on the Facebook fan page, or on the official Rendezvous website.

Happy listening!


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