Friday, September 3, 2010

Rogue Digital's Online Ad Campaign Promo

Rogue Digital Inc. is giving away a Nokia C3 cellphone to the winner of their current promo. All you have to do is post a picture of an online local campaign ad you like best.

To win, you have to get the most number of "likes" by the end of the contest deadline (September 7, 2010). The Facebook promo page can be found here...

Caption from their promo

Here's a cool surprise for our growing community .... We are having a small promo just to show our appreciation to those who have joined our Online Family. The Promo goes like this. We invite everyone to post a picture of their favorite local Online Ad. Post it here on Rogue's wall. And market it to all your friends! Tell them why you think your choice is the best. The Online Ad entry with the most LIKES wins the prize! And what is the prize? A brand new cellphone! A Nokia C3! This promo will just run till Tuesday next week, Sep.7. So rush on in!

Online voting on Facebook is simple. Just...

1. Like the Rogue Digital Facebook Fan page
2. Like the entry you want to vote for.

I also entered in their promo by citing the SM Cinema Online Ad. Hoping you could provide me with more "likes".

More of my Personal Ramblings...

I noticed high profile contestants who already won in online voting contests before have joined this contest. For those who are fond of joining online voting contests, you have a pretty good idea who these people are. Chances are, the vote count will probably reach the thousands because... hey! It's a cellphone we're trying to win.

I do not know how Rogue Digital will handle spamming of votes for this contest. There is a very big chance this will happen since there is no other criteria involved. If you could not stomach this kind of voting contests, or won''t be able to get a huge number of votes, then this contest is not for you.

Deadline for this contest is on September 7, 2010.

For more more information about this contest, please visit the Rogue Digital Facebook fan page.

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