Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SM Bigshot Movie Making Contest - Call for entries

SM Cinema has extended their Big Shot Movie Making Contest to September 15, 2010. If you have the talent of making creative videos, then this contest might be for you. Join this and get a chance to be one of three winners of 500,000 pesos in cash! (Wow! That's a lot of money...)

This contest is open to all student film makers from any reputable college or university 18 to 29 years old.

Contest Mechanics:

1. Contest is open to all student film makers from any reputable college or university 18-29 years old.

2. Participants can submit their best work from June 15, 2010 to September 15, 2010 (contest period extended) . Movie can be full length or short film (non-animated)

3. SM Cinema will choose the top 3 film makers.

4. SM Cinema will award P 500,000 to the top three film makers on (date to be specified)...

5. Film makers will then produce full length movie from August to December with the theme "MODERN DAY HEROISM". An award-winning director will be assigned for each winner as their mentor.

6. SM Cinema will show the movie via the Indie Film Fest by January 2011. Both the films by the winners and the works of their mentors will be shown during the festival.

How to submit your work...
a. Fill up the contest application form. Copy and save this image...

b. You have to submit a DVD copy of your work and your application form at...

SM Cinema Head Office Bldg A
SM Corporate Offices,
J.W. Diokno Blvd.,
SM Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City

Personal Notes:

a. This is a very good opportunity to show off your creative skills in story telling and movie making. The prize money is huge so competition can be tough. But then again, there is a possibility that only few joined because SM Cinema extended the contest.

b. There is nothing stated in the contest rules that you have to be a bona fide student of multimedia arts / film school to join. It just says student film maker. Practically anyone can make a movie these days. Believe me, you can make your own indie movie using your own cellphone or laptop, then do a little video editing, and voila! Moymoy Palaboy became famous using this. My point is this needs clarification. Also being from reputable school is quite vague. I don't think great talent can only come from these schools (my two cents). Again, this needs more clarification.

c. You can submit any of your previous video work for evaluation. You could also create your own movie within the contest deadline (ala Carlo J. Caparas' pito-pito films). The contest deadline is just a few days away - September 15, 2010, so plan fast!

d. Also, your film / video could be a short film meaning it could be around 15-20 minutes long. You can clarify from the contest organizers how short your video could possibly be for submission. Contact details stated below.

If you join and win this contest, you MUST accept the work offered by SM Cinema to create a full length movie about MODERN DAY HEROISM. The good thing is an award-winning director will assist you in making one.

For more inquiries about this contest, you may contact Belle Joson at 8317000 local 2634

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