Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Win 2 Tickets to Nido Science Discovery Center

Damicaye will be giving away 2 tickets to the Nido Science Discovery Center. All you have to do is post an interesting definition of SCIENCE. The winner will be selected (not chosen at random) based on creativity and accumulated points based on the tasks given for this contest.

image of Nido SDC from damicaye blog site...

This contest is open to residents of Metro Manila, Philippines (or to those who can claim the tickets in the Science Discovery Center at the Mall of Asia) only.
I participated in this contest and this is how I define SCIENCE.

SCIENCE is the...

Collection of
Essential to
Creativity in
Everyone! :)

*By the way, you do not have to define SCIENCE through acronyms. I just did so because it looked cool... :)

Ways to join and earn additional points (from the Damicaye contest page)

1. Follow me on twitter @dmcayetano (1pt) and tweet your answer using following format
@dmcayetano #SCIENCE is......

2. Tweet this contest using this format (1pt)
@dmcayetano How to win tickets to Science Discovery Center

3. Become a fan of my Facebook Fanpage Damicaye (1pt)

A. Go to the Facebook Page of Damicaye (where everything is free) and add yourself as a fan

B. On your Facebook Wall, share your definition of science by tagging us in . Example: “@Damicaye (where everything is free) Science is my favorite subject." To learn how to tag, type in the “@” symbol then follow it with the world “Damicaye” This will prompt a drop-down menu box which will present you “Damicaye (where everything is free)” Click that and you should see the “Damicaye (where everything is free)” become a blue link.

C. After writing your definition, click the attach link icon and paste the URL of this post. (

D. Afterwards, change the privacy restriction of this post to “Everyone” by clicking on the lock icon just left of the “Share” button.

4. Blog your answer and insert the link of this contest (5pts)

You can send as many entries as you want. The deadline of this contest is on September 30, 2010. Tickets will be valid from October 1 to 23, 2010 only.

UPDATE: The contest deadline is extended up to October 31, 2010! The tickets that will be awarded to the winner can be used up to December 14, 2010.

To know more about this contest, hop over to the damicaye contest page. Good luck to all of us! :)

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