Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Star Movies Redefines Movie Marathons

Star Movies has an interesting contest which aims to redefine the meaning of Movie Marathons. Join this movie marathon contest and be the last person watching the movie. You will have a chance to win 100,000 pesos!

To join this contest, you will have to do the following...

a) To join, tune in to Star Movies everyday from September 24 to November 5, 2010.

b) You have to catch the brand bug of a popcorn tub which will be appearing on your TV screens 12 times a day. Once you see it, take note of the movie that was showing when it came out, the time, and date.

c) Send your answers together with your name and contact details to entertainment.marketing[at]ph.startv.com.

On November 9, 2010, 100 lucky viewers will get a chance to participate in the Star Movies Movie Marathon contest.

So if you have cable TV, tune in to Star Movies to and watch out for that "popcorn tub" image and e-mail your answer.


Too bad I don't have cable TV at home so I could not personally check this on their channel or join this contest. An article about this is published in Philstar.com. Check out this link which also talks about the promo.

Although it isn't written in the article, if you are planning to join, make sure you are physically fit with no heart problems whatsoever because this is a physical endurance contest. This might be dangerous to your health if you are unfit/sick. Endurance contests like this have waivers for you to sign absolving the organizers from all liabilities / fault if anything untoward would happen to you.

Since it came out from an article on Filstar.com, this contest is probably exclusive to Philippine residents.

UPDATE: According to Star Movies Philippines on Facebook, the more entries you send to them, the better the chances of getting picked for the contest.

The Movies Movie Marathon Activity will be held on November 9 at the Newport Cinema located at Resorts World Manila.

For more information about this contest, you may try to e-mail them at entertainment.marketing[at]ph.startv.com or try to watch out for additional ads on the Star Movies cable channel.

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