Monday, September 20, 2010

Recent contest and promo prizes collected...

I would like to write about some of my previous winnings in recent contests and promos. I'm sure a lot of us out there are skeptical that 'contests' and 'promos' are not real, bogus or rigged. Probably some are, but in most cases they are real. You just have to be patient enough to wait for the results and keep on joining.

Most of the time, we will not be able to win but keep going, keep trying, and put your best effort into it. This is my way of learning something new and practice what I have learned.

Some of my previous winnings are as follows...

Mapanghingi Ka Ba birthday blowout - I was able to receive a gift pack for winning a blog anniversary photo contest thanks to Sir Richard Mamuyac of Mapanghingi Ka Ba, Freebies for Every Juan. Included here are food magazines, 2000 pesos worth of dental GCs, a Guyito stuffed toy, a Unilab Gift pack and a notepad. Simple items indeed but winning them is a lot more fun than buying them.

ADTEL consolation prize - Recently, Adtel was kind enough to present me a consolation prize for their blog contest. Actually, I was not expecting anything to win because originally, there was only one prize at stake - the Adtel Solar Kit (click here for more info). Here is what I got from them...
It is a solar lantern that can be charged using solar power or normal electricity. It's very useful indeed in times of brownouts. The light is produced by LED (light emitting diodes) instead of fluorescent lamps. This reduces the amount of energy consumed while in operation.

Smart Prepaid Load - I recently joined a contest called Epic Fail on Smart Buddy Facebook page that had a cellphone as grand prize. Too bad I was the epic fail (hehehe). I only won the consolation of 100 pesos load. It's still good enough considering that I do not consume a lot of load anyway. Special thanks to the people from Smart.

Pantene special delivery - I was surprised to see that I have a special delivery package from Pantene. I just joined their promo and they gave me free shampoo! I jokingly told my mother that the internet is one big grocery store only that this store is giving away the merchandise for free! (Hehehe)

There are still more, but I wouldn't like to mention them all here. It really isn't my intention to brag. My point is this: You can only win something if you would dare try. Maybe someone would think that these are just 'small things' but put them together it's really a big thing.

Hope this would inspire more people to keep on trying and keep on winning! My motto: The internet is our treasure map! So good luck and happy hunting to all!


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