Friday, September 3, 2010

Sony and Around Town (Studio 23) Music Video-Making Contest for the ISKOLAR ng BAYAN!

To all bona fide college students! A cool MTV contest with huge cash prizes are up for grabs. Join the Sony and Around Town (Studio 23) Music Video-Making Contest for the ISKOLAR ng BAYAN!
Form a group up to five members and create your own music video. A cash prize of 75,000 pesos is at stake for first place.

This contest is open to all bona fide college and university students in the Philippines.

To JOIN, just think of the 4 EASY STEPS:

Step 1 > Remember: For STUDENTS Only

The contest is open to bonafide students who have NO PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE in music or video production. (Broad Comm and Film majors, you CAN still join!)

Step 2 > Register

As prerequisite in joining the contest, the following registration levels are required:

* All student members of each group should be a registered user
* Only those registered shall be allowed to form his/her group to compete
* Only those registered students can join registered groups
* Only 5-10 members per group

How to Register

1. Go to
2. Click SIGN-UP
3. Fill-in required basic information
4. Upon fill-out, you are required to either:

* FORM YOUR GROUP which automatically assigns you as the Group Leader
* JOIN AN EXISTING GROUP upon invitation of an existing Group Leader from UP

5. After reading and agreeing to Terms of Use & Private Policy, click SUBMIT

6. To VERIFY registration, please check your e-mail as you will be notified that your Around Town account and Group Name has been created

7. CLICK on the LINK to complete your registration

8. For details on how to form your group or join an existing group from UP, please click on the SONY MUSIC VIDEO MAKING COMPETITION icon. (or here)

Step 3 > Create your MUSIC VIDEO

1. You can join the following categories:

* OUT-OF-TOWN. Collect your photos and videos while having fun outside the town!

* AROUND TOWN. Captured EK moments or simply just any of your city escapade may qualify for this video

* Special BLOGGIE category. Visit our booth in UP (venue TBA) on September 7-9, use the cool & hippie bloggies then shoot an insant video of your clique.

2. Total music video length should not exceed 2 minutes. Please include the following in the video:

* Your name & names of your groupmates

* Your year level

* Your school name (of course, UP Diliman!)

3. The music video must be viewable by all audiences at "G" rating. (We know what you're thinking, honey! Sorry! :p)

Step 4 > 'UP'load

1. After your registration, your group may now upload your music video!

2. Only one submission per student group is required. Group Music Video entry should be uploaded to

3. Should you upload more than one entry, please go to myAccounts and set only one submission or entry as PRIMARY.

Criteria for Judging

A. Content: Is the "message" engaging and appropriate to the theme of the contest? The content should be appropriate for all audiences .e. a "G" rating.

B. Creativity: Is the idea shared innovative and creative?

C.Execution: Is the use of technology effective and used appropriately to get the "message" across to the audience?

D. Effect: Was the overall effect achieved in communicating to the audience?


First Prize: P 75,000
Second Prize: P 50,000
Third Prize: 30,000

View this page for complete mechanics and guidelines.

Personal Notes: When joining music or video contests, remember not to place any commercial content in your entry. Meaning, be mindful of your video and make sure you do not feature brand names (e.g. on shirts, food, etc.) . You must also seek permission if you want to use copyright content for your music/video. Better yet, avoid using copyright content altogether for better chances of winning.

Deadline of this contest is on November 8, 2010.

For more questions about this MTV contest, you may e-mail / contact the following:

Accesspoint Integrated Marketing Inc.
Unit 306 Evekal Building
855 Arnaiz Avenue Legaspi Village, Makati City,
Phone: 8181474 Aroundtown Email: getmein[at]

Head over to the Around Town Philippines contest page.

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