Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yugatech: Show Me Your Oldest Photo contest

Join Yugatech's Show Me Your Oldest Photo Contest and get a chance to win a 14 megapixel GE X5 digital camera! Just submit the oldest photo with you in it. Winner of this contest will be determined at random but there are special prizes that will be given away to chosen entries (criteria not determined).

This contest is open to all readers of Yugatech.

Here is my entry to this contest.

click photo or here for actual size...

Description: This is a photo of me being given a bath by my grandmother. This was taken when I was exactly 21 days old. Time can change a lot specially in the physical sense if I compare my grandma and myself today and our old photo. But I believe that even through the years some things like strong bonds never change...

Date taken: May 20, 1978

If you want to join, just submit the oldest photo with you in it. Just post the link of your photo on the Yugatech contest page.

Contest guidelines:

* Maximum size is 500 pixels* in width (no height requirements). This is maximum width of the comments section below the blog post.

* Use the IMG html tag when posting the photo in the comments so it shows up automatically.

* Post only one photo per comment entry. Also one qualified entry per email.

* Follow the sponsor (girlteki.com) of this promo on Facebook and Twitter.
* Follow Yugatech on Facebook and Twitter.

Deadline of this contest is on September 30, 2010.

To get to know more about this contest, visit the Yugatech contest page.

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