Thursday, July 8, 2010

7-Eleven Big Bang Bingo

It's Bingo time once more! 7-Eleven is hosting a bingo promo similar to their last year's bingo. Dubbed as the Big Bang Bingo, you can win as much as 500,000 pesos if get to complete the Bingo formation. This is in line with their celebration of opening 500 stores nationwide.

This contest is open to all customers of 7-Eleven in the Philippines. To participate, a customer will be given one bingo ticket for every 50 pesos. ( 100 pesos receipt will be awarded 2 tickets, and so on...)


1. Get a Bingo Ticket with every P50 purchase from 7-Eleven (except ICT cards and bills payment). 7-Eleven Bingo

Ex. P50 = 1 bingo ticket P100 = 2 bingo tickets

2. Bingo tickets are automatically printed on the receipt. These are randomly generated by the cash register.

3 . Collect and match Bingo tickets with winning patterns in any of these six (6) Bingo card layouts. These cards are for reference only. No need to get a card to play 7-Eleven Bingo. Card layouts are posted in all 7-Eleven stores and on www.

4. Winning Bingo patterns and corresponding prizes are the following:

4 Corners with center – P500,000
4 Diamond corners with center – P50,000
Any Diagonal Line – P5,000
Special Horizontal Line
o Card 1 - Selecta Cornetto (any flavor)
o Card 2 - Coke regular in can 330ml
o Card 3 - Pepsi Max 500mL Pet
o Card 4 - Gulp Del Monte Juice 22oz. or 650mL
o Card 5 - Close Up Toothpaste Red Hot 25mL
o Card 6 - P30 Load (customer to select)



5. FREE ITEMS may be claimed from any 7-Eleven store in the Philippines.

6 . Customer must present the original winning tickets and corresponding Official Receipt to the store cashier to claim prizes:

7. FREE ITEMS may be claimed instantly once validated as winning.

B. FOR CASH PRIZE winners of P5,000, P50,000 and P500,000

8. To claim cash prizes, contact the Promo Hotline at (02) 547-0512 from Monday to Saturday between 9am to 6pm to receive detailed instructions on how and when to claim prizes. Bingo Tickets must be verified before claiming by: a. Winning Bingo Tickets must be faxed at 705-5291 or email to b. Within 2 weeks from receipt thru fax or email of the winning Bingo Tickets, the claimants shall received instruction on claiming the prizes.

9. Customer must surrender the winning 7-Eleven Bingo tickets (5) attached to the official receipts and present two (2) valid IDs (Driver's License, SSS/GSIS, PRC, Voter's, Postal, NBI Clearance, School or Company ID with Picture).

P5,000 Cash winners from Metro Manila must claim at the 7-Eleven ® Head Office at 7th Floor, Columbia Tower, Ortigas Ave., Mandaluyong City. Winners outside Metro Manila may claim at the nearest 7-Eleven ® store.

P50,000 and P500,000 Cash winners must claim at the 7-Eleven ® Head Office.

10. Bingo tickets coming from different 7-Eleven stores can be combined to complete a winning pattern to claim a prize.

11. All prizes are TAX-FREE.

12. Only 7-Eleven Bingo Tickets with authenticated security codes shall be honored. All 7-Eleven Bingo tickets and claimants are subject to verification and validation. 7-Eleven ® reserves the right to refuse to award cash prizes if 7-Eleven Bingo tickets are found to be tampered with, reproduced, illegible, altered, defaced, torn damaged or has failed any of the validation tests. Any person who commits, conspires to commit or in any way aids in the commission of any act of tampering, counterfeiting, or fraud shall be automatically disqualified from this promo and from all future 7-Eleven promos.

13. Possible winners must present the 7-Eleven Bingo Tickets attached to the Official Receipts until October 04, 2010 to have validated to claim a prize.

14. For further inquiries on how to claim the prize/s, contact the BINGO PROMO HOTLINE (02) 547-0512, from Monday to Saturday between 9am to 6pm.

15. Employees and franchisees of Philippine Seven Corporation, its agencies, suppliers, subsidiaries, contractors and stores including their relatives up to second degree of affinity or consanguinity are disqualified from joining this promo.

16. Promo runs from June 23 to August 3, 2010 only.

Personal Note: You do not have to get the physical copy of the cards to play. Just remember to keep the tickets for prize redemption.

There is a strategy you can do here if you have to urge to win... and that is trade bingo tickets with other 7-Eleven customers. I don''t think trading ticket numbers is illegal in this contest. It has been done before in last year's Bingo promo. Some even post their requested numbers for trading via the internet.

Also take note that there are certain bingo numbers that will be very high in demand because they occur in the 500,000 pesos formation, specially Number 6 and Number 65.

Also, you should already be on the move because the promo lasts until August 3 only.

For more information about the promo and Bingo formation (bingo cards), you may visit the 7-Eleven Big Bang Promo site.

Contest mechanics found on the site - click here.
You can also download a PDF version of the Bingo cars here...

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