Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to Back Celebration - Double Victory from Winning July contests

I just found out this morning that my entry for the Western Digital Father's day contest was selected as the winner in the Most Lovable Pop category. In this category, the winning entry was selected by the panel from Western Digital based on creativity, relevance, originality and overall impact. I was so anxious to find out after weeks of waiting for the announcement.

And tonight I found out that my entry for the Yahoo meme contest week 5 was also selected to win the iPad! I really did not expect all this because I felt I did not have enough time to make my entries better. Still, I know I did them the best I possibly can within the remaining time allotted to me.

Funny thing about the Yahoo meme week 5 contest is that this was actually extended for another two weeks, and so more entries flooded in. And I also thought that, "Hey... I tried to beat the deadline and yet they actually extended it..." And after the contest extension, Someone even made a not so pleasant statement that in my MTV I looked like I was kissing Yahoo's ass.... harharhar! And maybe my lyrics kissed ass too...

And yet I won... :)

If you want to see my video entries for the Western Digital and Yahoo Meme week 5 entries, you can view them in my previous blog here...

First of all thank you so much Yahoo Philippines and Western Digital for choosing my entry in their respective contests. Many thanks to all those who liked my Western Digital video entry on Facebook, and reposted and commented on my Yahoo meme week 5 entry. Also very special thanks to bloggers Jayson Biadog of Winner's Place and Maria Cecilia Tan Velasquez of Basta Igat Sikat who supported my yahoo meme entry through comments and reposts. I also thank my gf and parents for giving me moral support, advice and the motivation to strive even more all these years.

Finally, thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings I received up to this day. I hope I could return the favor to all of you someday...

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