Thursday, July 22, 2010

M&M's Fun Travel Promo

M&M is giving away promo goodies in their M&M's Fun Travel Promo. All you have to do is whenever you buy certain M&M products, collect their wrappers to earn points, and exchange those points for freebies! Freebies include luggage tags, bag slings, foldable pillows, and even a backpack!

This promo is open to all residents in GMA (Metro Manila) and Luzon only. The promo period is from July 15, 2010 to October 15, 2010. To read the full mechanics of the promo, just click the image above or click here...

Personal Note: The good thing about this promo is that you do not really have to produce a proof of purchase / receipt to participate. Just collect the participating M&M wrappers, and once you have enough points, you're ready to claim! You can try to be creative/resourceful in collecting wrappers. (e.g. ask for wrappers from relatives and friends instead.)

Be reminded that not all M&M wrappers are qualified for the promo. They should have a "best before" date of 2010 / 2011. Also, check the list of participating M&M variants before claiming your freebies.

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