Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Meme Week 5 and WD Phils Contest Submission

I have been quite busy lately with my contest submissions because I had to beat the June 30 deadline for the Western Digital Phils. contest and the Yahoo Meme Week 5 contest.

The theme for the Western Digital (WD) contest was - If your dad was a WD mascot, would he be a Brent, Gus or Blake?

The theme for the Yahoo Meme week 5 contest was about Music - share your thoughts on who will be the next singing sensation, what music is on your current iPod, who's making the beats on the dance floor, a personal audition, etc., it's up to you.

The "up to you" part is very ambiguous so I thought of submitting a song. Besides, making one would probably be the most difficult task one can think of. Take my word for it, making a music recording is harder than doing a video.

For my WD entry, I did a video entry of which WD mascot would best represent my dad. It was quite simple, really. It is just a compilation of old photos with me and my dad. I did not put too much effects on the latter part of the video to emphasize a narration of my personal story with my dad.

My entry to the WD Phils contest

For the Yahoo contest, I had to do a lot of last-minute work because I needed a lot of time to study the music software I intended to use for my submission. I wanted to submit a song - complete with music and lyrics for the Yahoo contest.

It took me four days to figure out the basic buttons and functions. I only figured out how to fully utilize the software last Monday night.

Mainit-init pa (as in straight from the oven) is what I could describe my Yahoo entry. Fortunately, I was able to submit before the closing deadline.

I hope my entry could meet the judges expectations because I had to sing the song myself! I admit, I need a lot of practice (and good audio equipment / microphones) if I want to be at par with real singers. I couldn't find anyone else to do this for me because I was already running out of time.

My entry to the Yahoo Meme Week 5 contest

I even did some last-minute video editing on the final hours before the deadline because originally, I intended to submit an audio file only. I just added the video portion on the last day because my friends did not like the idea of submitting an "audio only" entry.

I hope you can support my entry to the WD Phils contest on Facebook by liking my entry (click here to visit)

...and/or my first-ever music creation on the Yahoo Meme Week 5 contest by re-posting my meme (click here to visit)

To those who liked / re-posted on my entries, thanks for all your support!


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