Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wacom Industrial Design Contest

The Wacom Kids and Pets Photography contest was recently concluded and now, a new contest is being held at Wacom Asia. Called the Wacom Indsutrial Design Contest, the objective is to design either an industrial contraption like (e.g. vehicle) or a fashion design concept. Just like the previous contest, the winners will receive their very own Wacom Intuos Tablet.

* For non-digital artists reading this, a Tablet is a device that can help you draw on-screen.

All residents of Asia Pacific countries (does not include China, Hong Kong or Japan). You may only submit one entry per person.

Contest Mechanics and guidelines:

Contest Period: 4th Jun - 30th July, 2010 (ends 11:59 pm, Tokyo time)
Theme: Industrial Design

Category: - 2 categories

1) Vehicle Award:
Cars, airplanes, trains, motorcycles, buses, bicycles or even "transformer" vehicles and so on!

2) Fashion award:
Clothes, dresses, jewelry, shoes, nails, even cosmetics - anything related to fashion

Please be original and respect copyrights. Fan-art, designs, characters, clothes, tools (and so on) based on existing movies, manga, games etc. will not be accepted! Also, please note there is a limit of only one entry per person.

*Note: All winners will be eligible for inclusion in Wacom advertising with artist credit, upon confirmation of hi-resolution photo.

Awards & Prizes

Vehicle Award, Fashion award:
Intuos4 medium tablet

Wacom Intuos4 A5 PTK-640
*Prizes will be judged on originality and artistic merit by Wacom.

Rules: All submissions must abide by the contest and submission rules of the Wacom Community. In particular, submissions may not contain any nudity, adult situations, violence or other obscenities, and must be original. Submissions of fan art or other copyrighted images or characters will not be considered. Wacom reserves the right to reject, remove, and/or disqualify entries at its discretion.

Eligibility: All residents of Asia Pacific countries (does not include China, Hong Kong or Japan). Limited to one entry per person. No entry fee necessary.

Submission Deadline: July 30th, 2010 (Contest officially ends at midnight, Tokyo time. Please be aware of time differences when submitting.)

Entry guidelines:
Media: jpg
Resolution / size: 72dpi / Max 1MB
Dimension: 800 x 600 pixels (portrait or landscape)

Personal Note: As of the moment, only few have submitted their entries. Btw, if you look at the previous winning contest entries of Wacom-Asia, you will see Wacom's standards are quite high. But even if you are not that good in digital art, joining and comparing your work against the other entries might motivate you to hone your artistic skills more. Also, don't be discouraged that this is open to Asia-Pacific countries. There were noteworthy Filipino winners in Wacom's contests in the past.

To know more about the contest, you may visit the Wacom-Asia contest page.

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