Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ensembles - Show Your Style

Ensembles has an online voting contest called Show Your Style! Join this contest, and you might be able to win yourselves your very own favorite Louis Claparol's collection piece.

This contest is open to female fans of Ensembles on Facebook.

The mechanics are simple.

1. Pick your fave piece from the Louis Claparols Holiday collection. Check them out at (or you could check out my blog about Louis Claparol's Holiday collection...

2. Show Ensembles how you are going to style it. We'd like to see ala Polyvore style. Check out for guide.
* I checked out and they have this cool application where you can collage, mix and match apparel, and place text to make your own fashion statement!

3. Be creative and be at your most stylish!

4. Post your entry in their Facebook Wall and feel free to promote your entry by all means!

5. Entry with the most number of likes gets her fave Louis Claparols collection piece!

Deadline of submission: November 30, 2010

- although, they mentioned, it isn't necessary that you use the application. You can use Photoshop to collage your favorite Louis Claparols collection piece with other apparel you can download anywhere from the net.
- copy and save the images found in and work on your collage. Once done, upload it on their Facebook Wall.
- since this is an online voting contest, concentrate on how to get the most votes (through friends, friends of friends, the link/vote exchange, etc.)

For more information, visit Ensembles fan page on Facebook.

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