Monday, November 15, 2010

HWM - Captured on Candid Camera

HWM on their Facebook fan page is having another contest called Captured on Candid Camera! Submit your best funny candid photo of you or your family/friends and get yourself to win a Flip Video Mino HD .

This contest is open to all fans of HWM on Facebook.

Contest info:

Keeping old photos of witty moments with family and friends? Wacky episodes with classmates or office pals at your past summer outings? Humorous details of your wedding day worthy to be the town’s next well-told anecdote? And on top of these, were they all captured candidly?

Now is the perfect time to bring those funny, candid memories out of your closet or discreet folder on your computer’s hard drive. HWM Philippines is launching its latest online contest that will surely stir up excitement on the Web – Captured On Candid Camera!

Captured On Candid Camera is an online contest open to all fans of the official Facebook fan page of one of the Philippines’ premier technology magazines, HWM Philippines. In this contest, all a participant needs to do is to post his or her best funny, candid photo on the fan page and put a caption for it. The photo can either be a scan of a printout or a shot directly taken by a digital camera.

We know that you are thrilled to know what is at stake this time. We are giving away a brand new Flip Video Mino HD to the owner of the winning entry! Isn’t that an amazing reason to keep that lucky person’s fingers snapping hilarious candid shots?

What are you waiting for? Start joining the Captured On Candid Camera online contest now!

General Mechanics

1. Each participant must have an authentic Facebook account and be a fan of HWM Philippines’ fan page.

2. Each participant must upload one (1) photo as his/her contest entry on HWM Philippines’ fan page Wall.

3. Aside from uploading their entry on the fan page’s Wall, each participant must send us an email notification to containing the following details:

Subject: Captured On Candid Camera
Full name:
Contact Number:
Link of the photo:

4. The participant must be part of the candid photo, showing his/her face, to help us in verifying the authenticity of the entry.

5. The photo must be clear, of good quality, and has a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768. There must be a caption as well.

6. Submission of entries is open until December 15, 2010.

7. Criteria For Judging:

Candidness (35%). The photo appears natural and unscripted.

Humor (30%). The photo must be funny.

Uniqueness (25%). The photo conspicuously stands out among other entries.

Popularity (10%). The popularity of an entry is based on the number of “likes” and comments it received from the fans and visitors of HWM Philippines’ official fan page.

8. HWM Philippines reserve the right to disqualify an entry and choose the winner of the contest.

9. The winner will be informed either through email or phone.

10. The winner must personally claim his/her prize at the office of HardwareZone Philippines.

11. HWM Philippines reserve the right to amend the mechanics and criteria of judging at any time during the contest period without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on the official Facebook fan page of HWM Philippines.

Personal Notes:
- it seems that HWM's photo contests are rather fair when it comes to online voting which is only 10% 0f the criteria. Based on the winner of HWM's Messy Desk photo contest, concluded recently, the winner was chosen based on the best interpretation of theme and composition even if there were other entries getting a huge number of "likes".
- I think you will have a better chance of winning if the photo you submitted is older because that would really say that you never prepared for this kind of contest, which makes it candid.
- upload your photo entry on HWM's wall but don't forget to e-mail the link of your entry to their editor as well. (See rule #3)
- deadline of entries on December 15, 2010.

For more information, visit the HWM Facebook fan page.

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