Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Clear Swap Challenge Poster Contest

Here is a fun contest you might want to join. Try out the Clear Swap Challenge Poster Contest and become their product endorser! 5 winners will be chosen per week.

This is open to all fans of Clear Swap Challenge Facebook page.

1. Go to Clear Philippines fanpage or visit

2. "Like" Clear Philippines fanpage to proceed to the next step

3. Create your own CLEAR poster by selecting an endorser and uploading your face.

4. Submit your entry and share it to your friends

5. Unilever moderators will filter and process entry submissions

6. Chosen entries will be placed on the Clear Philippines fanpage weekly photo album

7. 5 winners will be chosen each week to represent clear as the it's endorser

8. A Facebook user is allowed more than 1 entry. Best entry based on the following criteria wins:
* Votes/Likes from Clear Philippines fans: 40%
* Votes from the Unilever Panel (panel to consist of 5 individuals): 60%

9. Tips for winning:
* Your photo must be placed in a right angle and with matching skin tone. The clearer the better.
* Get as much likes as you can by promoting your entry in the Facebook fanpage album!
* More positive, funny, and engaging comments in your entry will merit additional points.

Terms and Conditions:

* A Facebook user is allowed more than 1 entry.

* 5 winners will be announced each week and will be posted in the Clear Philippines Fanpage. Announcement dates are as follows:
o 1st Week: October 26
o 2nd Week: October 29
o 3rd Week: November 5
o 4th Week: November 12

* This contest is open to all Philippine-based Facebook users of all ages.
* The panel retains the right to disqualify entries and comments that include any material deemed abusive, defamatory, obscene or otherwise unacceptable. To ensure fairness of the selection process, the Unilever Philippines will be monitoring the validity of votes and registrants.
* Unilever Philippines/ NuWorks Interactive Panel will not be responsible for any unacceptable material uploaded by the contestants.
* Unilever Philippines Panel reserves the right to publish the entries, testimonies, and names of the winners in any of its online and offline promotional materials in any event, exhibits, article or in any video other format it seems fit.

Last day of submission is on week 4 - November 12, 2010.

Contest mechanics and guidelines can be found on this link. For more information and/or to join the contest, head over to Clear Swap Challenge on Facebook.

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