Sunday, November 21, 2010

Choco Mucho's Shoot your own billboard

Choco Mucho - 7 Dark Temptations is currently having this digital art/photo contest that will award 7 winners Cash Prizes amounting to Php 50,000.00 each. Those who want to join this contest must submit a photo artwork depicting one of the 7 Dark Temptations chocolate variant.

This contest is open for Filipinos, 16 years old and above, for both male and female.

Contest Concept

Send us your Photo Artworks that showcases one of the 7 Dark Temptations of Rebisco Choco Mucho. Your entries must be original, creative, and billboard-ready. Plus, make sure to use elements of “Color Red” in your entries.

Choose among the 7 Dark Temptations: Seduction, Motion, Freedom, Satisfaction, Sensation, Love, and Style/Fashion. And shoot a photo representing one of these 7 temptations. Interpretations are boundless and we encouraged you to come up with the most creative, fresh, and exciting entry.


1. Contest is open for Filipinos, 16 years old and above, for both male and female.

2. Amateurs and Professionals alike can send entries for the contest.

3. Photographers: get your own model, shoot your own entry and submit it.

Non-Photographers: have a photographer shoot a photo of you, have it edited, and submit it.

1. Entries previously entered into other competition, or has been published is not eligible for the contest.

2. The use of DSLR is strongly recommended. Entries taken using digital cameras will also be permitted provided that the image is not pixilated and must have good resolution.

General Mechanics

1. Submit Photo Artwork that showcases one of the 7 Dark Temptations of Rebisco Choco Mucho Dark Chocolate.

2. All entries, taken using DSLR or digital camera, should undergo post-production, and must conform to the DPI and size requirements.

3. Entries must have the image of the product: Rebisco Choco Mucho Dark Chocolate (as part of the picture), and must contain elements of color Red.

4. Photo Artwork entries must be submitted to

5. Description for the submitted entries must contain the following:
i. Category (choose: Seduction, Motion, Freedom, Satisfaction, Sensation, Love, Style/Fashion)
ii. Full name of the contestant
iii. Title/Explanation of the Photo Artwork submitted
iv. All valid, approved and accepted entries will be posted at the Official Contest page on Facebook by the Administrators.
v. A notification message will be sent to the contestants informing them that their entry is valid. Entries that failed to meet various requirements and are considered invalid will also receive a message containing points for invalidity of the entry.

6. Rebisco reserves the right to reject images that are obscene, inappropriate and does not conform to the rules and regulations of the contest mechanics. Panel's decision is final.

7. On Votes: the winners of the contest will be determined based on the following criteria:
i. 70% “Like” votes on Facebook
ii. 30% Votes coming from the Panel of Judges.

8.All entries must be submitted on or before 11:59 PM of December 31, 2010. Entries submitted right after the stated deadline will not be considered as official entry, except if there will be an announced extension of the contest deadline.

11.Winners will be announced at the Official Facebook page-, on January 12, 2011

12.The 7 Winners will all get Cash Prizes amounting to Php 50,000.00

13.Plus, each of the 7 Winners will have their entries recreated and re-shoot through the guidance of Fashion Photographer Niccolo Cosme and Headshot Clinic Team.

14.For more information, visit the Official Facebook of this contest: Http://

Entry Formats

1. Submitted entries must contain an image of the product: Choco Mucho Dark Chocolate;

2. It must also have an element of Red and must in accordance with one of the 7 Dark Temptations. (7 Dark Temptations: Seduction, Motion, Freedom, Satisfaction, Sensation, Love, Style/Fashion)

3. All entries must be post-produced and should be formatted to 300 dpi or higher. Images should be submitted in JPG (at high quality) or TIFF format. Size must not be lower than 800 x 600 pixels in landscape, and should have a maximum file size of 1MB.

4. Entries must be print-ready and must undergone necessary editing.

5. Enhancing the entries using digital images, vectors and other elements is allowed.

Photographer/Copyright Entries must be submitted by the original photographer, or with the permission of the Photographer who took the photo.

Number of Entries An individual may submit only one photo per category/7 Dark Temptation. However, he/she can submit one entry each for ALL 7 categories. (E.g. one entry for Seduction, one entry for Freedom and so on)

Photo Subject Restrictions Photos must be appropriate for posting on a public website. Obscene and otherwise questionable content will not be considered. Rebisco retains sole discretion as to what constitutes inappropriate content.

Personal thoughts / reminders:
- based on the rules, this contest is strict with entry submissions. Read through the guidelines before submitting your entry.
- you can submit multiple entries but take note: ONLY 1 ENTRY per category.
- your entry can be digitally manipulated, meaning, there is no limit to using digital art techniques and effects.
- although Rebisco wants us contestants to be creative with our artwork, 70% of the total weight will come from FB likes. This kind of trend for me detracts real digital artists with talent because not all with talent will have the chance to rally a multitude of votes. Still, there is that 30% control from Rebisco who will decide the overall winners. There is also that tendency for non-winning contestants (or their supporters) who will get a lot of votes to protest (troll, sourgrape, complain, etc.) if someone with talent wins without the votes to back him/her up.
- deadline is on 11:59 PM of December 31, 2010.

For complete guidelines and to inquire about this contest, head over to the 7 dark Temptations Facebook Page.

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