Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ensembles 20%-Off Sale for All Access Cardholders

Ensembles Weekend Sale! From December 10 up to December 12, 2010, All Access VIP Cardholders can avail of a 20%-off on Ensembles by Louis Claparols Holiday Collection, a timely money-saver for this coming holiday season.

For those who are frequent customers of Ensembles, Solo and/or Freeway it would be wise to avail of the All Access VIP card. To know the advantages and more, read on...

Why should I avail of the All Access Card?

The All Access Card, as the name implies, can give you discounts and privileges not only from Ensembles, but also in Solo and Freeway too! What's great about this card is that once you avail of it, you get access to special discounts (like the 20% discount for Ensembles starting tomorrow up to the 12th!) and on the month of your birthday.

Plus, the card accumulates points for rebates. You get 1 point for every 50 pesos you spend. The e-purse is redeemable at every 100 points earned.

How do I acquire this card?

You can avail this access card through the following:

a) You may purchase this card's membership fee for only 100 pesos. If you think this card is still too pricey for discounts, the good thing about it is that this card is good for 3 years. The card can be renewed after it expires.

b) You may accumulate receipts from Ensembles, Solo or Freeway with a total of 10,000 pesos. Just keep your receipts and present it to any of the aforementioned stores for validation. Collected receipts to be presented must be at most 1 year from the time of purchase.

c) You may upgrade your discount cards - exchange Freeway My Badge and Ensembles Discount Card for free! Just surrender your discount cards to apply for an upgrade.

For more information on the VIP All Access card and the Louis Claparols collection, you may visit the Ensembles website or their fan page at Facebook.

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