Friday, December 31, 2010

My Everyday Eveready Moments

Eveready has always been a part of me as far back as I can remember. During my gowing-up years and up to today, these Ever-reliable batteries were constantly there for me.
They were there in my favorite battery-operated firetruck toy when I was 3 years old. At that time, 'Eveready' was one of those few brand names I learned to read because I relied on it to make my firetruck run. I even asked my mother to have more Eveready in store so that the fun never ends.

And as I grew older and went to school, Eveready was still there for me. It as on my alarm clock that woke me up for school in the morning, and in my small night lamp I used before I went to sleep. Eveready was on my tape recorder, so I could voice record some of my lectures. It was also there on my calculator - the tool I depended on the most to get through my schooling years. Eveready also made my grade for my science projects! I remember I used an Eveready to make an electromagnet, a simple electric circuit, and even an LED (light emitting diode) display! With Eveready, my school days were complete.

And as I work today, Eveready is still here with me. I still use my trusty Eveready-powered calculator to compute, check and verify the accuracy of my work. I also use Eveready on my flashlight I keep in my office desk drawer in case of brownouts.

There were two incidents in my life Eveready saved me and my family. The first was when typhoon Sisang visited Metro Manila. I was all ready for school back then when strong rains hit us one morning. There was brownout that time so, my parents were listening to the radio for weather updates powered by C sized Eveready batteries. Aside from classes being suspended, we found out that the typhoon was getting worse by the hour.

When they found out about the massive flooding happening around the Metro Manila area, my dad checked the creek behind the backyard of our house. To his surprise, the creek water level has risen beyond normal, and touched the wall of our backyard. Because of this my parents decided to evacuate the house immediately, taking some of our clothes and appliances with us to our nearby relatives.

When we came back to our house after typhoon Sisang left a few days after, we found out that the wall of our house crumbled because of the flood waters. The interior of our house was not spared by the floods. Everything we left behind got soaked - appliances, clothes, furniture and all. Some of our stuff had gone missing, probably washed away by the creek. If we didn't evacuate earlier, it could have been worse.

The other incident was when typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila last year. I was in my office then when Ondoy was at its worst. It was already raining hard around 10 a.m. in the morning. The strong rains were no cause for concern, that was until I found out that the rains continued on until late afternoon. I found out from newscasts that flooding and brownouts were already widespread in Metro Manila.

When it was time to go home, I went straight to the transport terminal. Unfortunately, no rides were available - not even a single FX van, jeep or bus. Probably they got stranded on the road due to the floods. I had no choice but to walk home.

The distance from the office to my home is 12 kilometers apart. I started my trek around 5:30 p.m. After 30 minutes of walking, the roads and surroundings were already very dim. I already prepared my flashlight because I knew I won't make it home before nightfall.

Flood waters still covered the roads that lead to my house. I knew the danger of traveling through the flood specially at night, with open manholes and all, but still I took my chances. As I traveled, I met people along the way who shared a similar fate - forced to wade on uncertain terrain just to get home. We traveled in groups because we knew it was safer that way. And with the light on my Eveready-powered flashlight, at least we could visibly see familiar landmarks, the flood waters, and the elevated areas where we can pass. After two whole hours of travel and wading through the floods of Ondoy, I finally made it home.

In ordinary, everyday moments and in times of emergency, I can truly say, Eveready has been and will always be a part of my daily life. Ever ready, always there. That's what Eveready stands for.

This is my entry to the Everyday Eveready moments contest. Deadline is today, December 31, 2010. To know more about this contest, check out the Nuffnang PH Everyday Eveready moments contest post.

Also, feel free to visit the Eveready Philippines Facebook fan page.

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